Introducing KHM Travel Group's Regional Development Coordinators

October 17, 2013

As a home-based travel agent, you’re truly in business for yourself. You’re in control of how, when, and even where you work. And although you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss, you can’t underestimate the value of having a support network that can help you along the way. KHM Travel Group understands the importance of agent support, which is why our Corporate Office is home to a team with over 300 combined years of industry experience. These experts are here to guide our agents through training, answer questions, provide advice, and offer words of encouragement.

The Value of Local Support for Home-Based Agents

Along with a dedicated team to offer support, many independent travel agents also need someone in their area that can help them stay informed about local travel events. The travel industry is always buzzing with new training workshops, networking opportunities, and other educational sessions. These regional events give agents who may not work in an office setting the opportunity to branch out and meet and interact with other agents, just like them. It’s also the perfect chance to get in touch with supplier Business Development Managers who can provide insider tips and suggestions about selling their products.

A Solution

Because regional training events can be one of the leading factors in a travel agency’s success, KHM Travel Group is proud to announce the creation and hiring of five brand new Regional Development Coordinators. The KHM Travel Group Agents who were chosen for these roles have both the skills and experience that is necessary for helping agents in specific geographic areas. These coordinators’ primary jobs will be to identify and promote all the local events, trainings, ship luncheons, and conferences in their particular region. Now, our agents will never miss an important regional event simply because they didn’t know it was happening.

Map of KHM Regional Development Coordinators

Keep reading to get to know KHM Travel Group’s five new Regional Development Coordinators.

Introducing KHM Regional Development Coordinators

Heather Allison - West Regional Development Coordinator

Heather Allison

KHM Travel Group Agent Since: June 2009

Heather’s Travel Story: Heather's passion for travel started when she was young with yearly 2-week vacations to Catalina with her parents and grandparents. In 2009, while helping her brother-in-law plan a month-long European trip, she came across KHM Travel Group and decided to join. As mother to four amazing boys (ages eighteen, eight, six, and two), Heather is the ideal example of a successful travel agent who is able to enjoy the perfect work/life balance.

Valeria Vick - Southwest Regional Development Coordinator

Valerie Vick

KHM Travel Group Agent Since: August 2009

Valeria’s Travel Story: Valeria likely caught the travel bug while living in 12 different states and working around the world throughout her former corporate career. She started working in the travel industry seven years ago and absolutely loves cruises. Her expertise and passion for cruises make her an excellent source of support and knowledge for travel agents living near the Gulf ports.

Rochelle Ward - Midwest Regional Development Coordinator

KHM Travel Group Agent Since: April 2008

Rochelle Ward

Rochelle’s Travel Story: Growing up in literally “the middle of a cornfield” made Rochelle’s desire for travel even greater. At a young age, she discovered that there was a big world beyond the cornfield when she would help her dad plan family vacations using only maps and brochures to build an itinerary. Rochelle loves traveling with her husband and three daughters to their favorite vacation destinations – beaches and cities. Through her own successes selling travel, she is able to share with fellow agents the importance of building life-long relationships with clients.

Rebecca (Becki) Doby - Southeast Regional Development Coordinator

KHM Travel Group Agent Since: October 2007

Rebecca (Becki) Doby

Becki’s Travel Story: Becki’s husband and three children were fortunate to travel, compliments of The United States Army. Upon arriving back stateside from a duty station in Europe, Rebecca truly realized her passion for travel. She became a KHM Travel Group Agent six years ago, operating exclusively from a home office in Savannah, Georgia. Present day, her agency has a plaza office in Summerfield, Florida.

James (Jimmy) Fair - East Regional Development Coordinator

KHM Travel Group Agent Since: March 2008

James (Jimmy) Fair

Jimmy’s Travel Story: To Jimmy, the rewarding part of travel is the smile on the faces and the appreciation of clients. He firmly believes in "sharing the love" with all who are in need. Jimmy is well-informed of travel events and opportunities in the eastern United States and believes that confidence, education and a smile are the three most important tools in his tool box.

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