Oh, the Places We’ve Been!

December 16, 2021

At Gifted Travel Network we are wrapping up 2021 by looking back at the wonderful year we’ve had and celebrating the travel that we have been able to take.

Of course, in years past it would be unusual for us to stop and give thanks for all the wonderful travel we’ve been privileged to enjoy. But since the pandemic, we, just like many of our clients, have realized that you don’t ever take travel for granted. Every trip is precious!

Here are just a few of the places we have been fortunate to travel to this year.

Our Travel MBA members had the opportunity to participate in a 3-day retreat in the Dominican Republic at Club Med Miches. We hosted two in-person workshops at the GTN office for members of our TBU programs and our top producers were treated to a luxury trip to Costa Rica.

Out Hosted Experiences were to Morocco, Ireland, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. (A Hosted Experience is unique to GTN and is offered in partnership with DMCs, tour operators, and other travel partners to give travel advisors the opportunity to experience the destination as their clients would. The pace isn’t as hectic as a fam and includes more time for really absorbing a destination.)

Gifted Travel Network

Our preferred partners hosted GTN advisors aboard Caribbean Cruise Lines, Celestyal Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and Windstar. Our advisors were also hosted by Noteworthy in London, The Palms and The Shore Club in Turks & Caicos, ProColombia in Columbia, and the opening of Club Med Quebec Charlevoix.

Our members attended the ASTA Global Conference, Virtuoso Travel Week, ILTM Cannes and North America, Future Leaders in Travel, Future Travel Leaders conclave, and many more industry events.

We hosted gatherings for GTN travel advisors to connect in person in Austin, Boston, Croatia, Lexington, New York City, New Orleans, Paris, and Washington D.C..

In addition to all these destinations, GTN members traveled throughout the world to Africa, Costa Rica, France, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Panama, and various Caribbean Islands.

We believe it is important to set an example for clients and lead the way in the return to travel. We have loved getting back out in the world and are looking forward to our plans for 2022!

For more information, please reach out to joinus@giftedtravelnetwork.com.