Introducing Travel MBA 2.0!

March 17, 2022

We have exciting news at Gifted Travel Network that we want to share! This month, we are launching the first cohort of our newly enhanced Travel MBA Program.

“While our program was already very successful, we are always looking at ways to improve,” said Vice President of Membership at Gifted Travel Network, Sandy Saburn “With that in mind, we made some enhancements for 2022 and are excited to share a glimpse of those updated changes.”

3-day In-Person Jumpstart

The first change is a 3-day in-person Jumpstart. Everyone who joins a Travel MBA cohort will come to North Carolina for three days of learning and interaction with the GTN team and the other members of their cohort. “We know there is no substitution for being in-person and believe this is a great way to get to know one another and help everyone get off to a great start,” said Saburn.

Improved Technology

The second change is new and improved technology. Everyone in a Travel MBA cohort will be provided a subscription to TravelJoy, a CRM and workflow management system that GTN members currently use.

“Our current members love TravelJoy so we wanted to provide this for our TMBA members as well. We aren’t just giving everyone this service but are also providing detailed training on the set-up and tips to utilize this program as efficiently and effectively as possible,” said Saburn.

Introducing TMBA 2.0

Improved Processes & Procedures

The next change is improved processes and procedures. The tools currently provided to our new Travel MBA Members for their initial processes and procedures are necessary to run an efficient business. GTN has significantly expanded on those tools to ensure they are protected; this includes legal documents.

Expanded Mentor Network

Travel MBA students now have access to five mentors – all of them successful travel business owners who bring diverse expertise to help new travel entrepreneurs in all phases of their business.

“Over the years we have had TravelMBA it has been proven those who have gone through the program and truly engage have gone further in their businesses and have such great success due to the support and sense of community this program truly gives them,” said Travel MBA Lead Mentor, Lisa Fletcher.

If you want to be one of the travel advisors who is crushing the odds and creating a business that attracts clients you love working with, who are happy to pay your professional fee for your service and expertise and make enough money to afford to travel and pay yourself a salary, we would love to talk to you.

2022 Cohort Dates

June 6th- 8th

August 22nd- 24th

October 17th- 19th