How I Transformed my Travel Business with the Group Business Mastermind Program Powered by Gifted Travel Network

December 1, 2017

By Carol McKee

Are you looking to make your business more profitable by selling groups? Do you want to have a group business but not sure where to start? Do groups intimidate you and you think it’s “easier” to do FIT travel? Here are three key pieces of wisdom gathered from participating in Gifted Travel Network’s Group Business Mastermind program.

1. The experience of group travel is like no other

One of my biggest concerns about joining this program of 25 travel agents who traveled together for a week aboard the lovely AmaPrima was that we were not connected to each other prior to the trip other than sharing the same host agency. What would it be like to travel with strangers, in close quarters with a group who were all seeking the same thing? Would these people see each other as competition? Would this lessen the enjoyment of the trip itself?

These fears proved unfounded primarily because of the way Gifted Travel Network handled the trip itself. They choose to frame this in a positive, we are all in this together, low pressure, enjoy the experience way. Rather than spending every spare minute on board our cruise in deep meetings about the ins and outs of a group business (we did that after the trip was over) we were free to relax, sight see and get to know each other. This allowed our group to bond in a way that I had not expected. One of many happy memories that I will never forget is that of the group sitting on the steps of a church at the heart of the ancient city of Koblenz, enjoying the best rated gelato in the area, while golden rays of the setting sun shined down of us and the church bells rang. It was magical. I remember looking around at the group and feeling like I had made 24 new best friends. The ongoing support we now give each other as a result of our many shared experiences is unique. By allowing us to have this experience there is a deepened sense of loyalty that we all feel for our host agency.

The firsthand knowledge that a group trip can create a kind of magical bond and increased loyalty is something that many groups dream of but that most find difficult to create. All agreed that being able to tell a prospect from personal experience how powerful the bond to fellow travelers and to the organizing institution can become, along with the ongoing support the group now gives each other, may just be the best of the many benefits resulting from participating in the program.

2. You can find group travel business everywhere (if you have the right mindset that is…)

Mindset is everything and far in advance of our trip the curriculum started with group business mindset training as well as prospect generation. As an almost immediate result of that wisdom I booked my first group into a river cruise shortly after that first session. Without the inspiration and insights this program provided in advance of our trip I might not have approached my first group’s leader at all. Not only did this training lead to my first group booking but it has now transformed my agency into the thriving and profitable group focused business that I want it to be. Just a few short months after the training we have several profitable groups in process and my business now focuses on those groups in a way that leaves us with more free time and much higher profits for the time spent than when the focus was on FIT travel.

3. If your host agency thinks outside the box you will too

One thing that makes Gifted Travel Network unique and truly special is that as a host agency they see their agents as people first. Programs they offer, such as the Group Business Mastermind, are designed to address the needs and unique aspects of each person’s nature and personality. By helping people see what they have to offer, members understand what traits and skills they can focus on (as well as some things they can let go ) so that each person can experience success in a way that is meaningful and profitable for them as individuals. Gifted Travel Network takes an approach that many businesses say they intend but that few actually execute: to put the needs of their members ahead of anything else. This focus on the individual is a key factor in the success of its participants and is the primary value of what the program teaches. By putting the emphasis on the needs and strengths of the individual, the program demonstrated the power of using that same technique with your prospects in your group travel business. Participants of this program know from direct experience how listening to what is truly wanted and needed and individualized attention are the keys to a successful group business.

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