Fraud Prevention Resources for Travel Agents

December 9, 2017

Howdy travel agent fraud busters! You may have noticed that we've been a little fraud happy these last few months with articles, a webinar, and yet another article. But we figure it's better safe than sorry when it comes to oodles of moolah you can save your agency by preventing fraud. This resource list is like the crib notes for all the fraud-prevention materials on the site. It's a great tool to use as a training resource for their agency. If you're not the head honcho, you can impress your boss by offering it as a holiday gift (our fraud checklist would make for some creative wrapping paper). 

Here's our gift to you: a ton of great data wrapped up with a bow. So take a gander and learn how to best protect your travel agency from fraud!

HAR's Fraud Prevention Checklist!

This PDF offers an at-a-glance look at how to prevent fraudulent credit card charges. Download it for yourself!

Miss our Fraud Webinar? Watch it now!

Resources to Verify Data

  1. Reverse Phone Look Up - Check whether a phone number is a VoIP line
  2. - Allows you to view (and post) complaints on numbers you believe to be fraud.
  3. - See when a domain was registered (if it was in the last couple months, be careful!)
  4. - Use to check if the data on a credit/debit card scanned matches the numbers

Additional Resources

  1. HAR's Fraud Article Part 1: Thinking Like a Travel Agency Fraudster
  2. HAR's Fraud Article Part 2: Thinking Like a Travel Agency Fraud-Buster
  3. ARC's Fraud Prevention Page
  4. Check the latest fraud alerts
  5. Stay current on fraud schemes being used
  6. More best practices tips
  7. Links to free internet tools
  8. See examples of digitally altered images
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