Five Ways our Support Team Raises the Bar in Agent Support

December 28, 2019

By Patty Bell, president of Expedia CruiseShipCenters, OVC

In my years as president of Expedia CruiseShipCenters, OVC I’ve noticed that a key factor in turning a good agent into a great one is a strong support team. At Expedia CruiseShipCenters, OVC:

1. Our Support Team Helps agents - Maximize Time with their Client.

Good agents are good at building relationships, that’s why they are so good! To provide top-of the line service, agents need to focus on “relationshipping”. Our back-office support team offers accounting, marketing, reporting, market research, promotions, etc. to take the pressure off of our agents so that they can focus on being the best travel advisor for their clients.

2. Our Support Team Helps agents - Stay in touch.

Staying in contact is the key to a strong/healthy relationship. Expedia CruiseShipCenters, OVC provides personalized, opt-in email marketing to our agent’s database (with links directed back their website) so our agents can stay in constant, close contact with their customer base.

We also provide database analytics so that when a special promotion or opportunity arises, our agents can reach out to their clients that would benefit the most from that opportunity and focus their attention on them.

3. Our Support Team Helps agents - Earn more.

Being part of a strong brand like Expedia Group allows our agents to receive top tier commissions through our combined buying power. We offer exclusive amenities, discounted group rates, ‘enter to win’ contests and more. Our commissions run as high as 18% for cruise(!).

Plus, our agents offer clients the added benefit of Expedia+ points (two points for every $1 spent on a cruise) that they can use for hotel, air, car rental, and more. This is an exclusive benefit that no other travel advisors can provide!

4. Our Support Team Helps agents- Travel More.

The best agents are those who speak from experience. Our strong support team handles accounting, marketing, and supplier relationships giving our agents the extra time they need to travel.

Plus, our proprietary CRM is available online so it can be accessed anywhere throughout the world with internet access (even on a phone or tablet). Through it, agents can receive emails, do research and quote vacations. Our agents stay connected with their clients and up to date on their work while they are away.

5. Our Support Team Helps agents - Learn more.

Clients look to their agent for advice about new cruise lines and old-world destinations. Our closed-group social media sites, ongoing training opportunities and in-house travel gurus (with over 100+ years travel industry experience), provide our agents with all the information they need to answer a client’s travel questions and provide them with the vacation of their dreams.

At Expedia CruiseShipCenters, OVC we are confident that our Consultant Support team will help you take your home-based travel career to the next level. We can help you earn more, travel more and offer more to your clients.