“The Support You Need to Succeed”: One Entrepreneur’s Franchise Journey

June 15, 2023

In 2018, nine-year airline industry veteran Denise Valente was confident that she wanted to become a travel advisor. With that goal in mind, she began researching the best way to accomplish it.

Denise began her journey as a Dream Vacations franchisee by first becoming an independent travel advisor in the network, then opening a Dream Vacations travel franchise of her own. However, entrepreneurs with various backgrounds have become Dream Vacations franchise owners – a reality enabled by the extensive training and support that allowed Denise to reach her goals.

"I was brand new to the industry, and the most critical factors for me were training and support," Denise reminisced. "Several companies claimed to offer these, but Dream Vacations stood out to me. Sometimes you are naturally drawn to something for reasons you can’t always pinpoint right away."

As she continued to do her research, Denise reached out to travel advisors already in the Dream Vacations community. Their enthusiastic endorsements and reassurances about exceptional training and support sealed the deal for Denise. Armed with testimonials from experienced advisors and after much time and consideration, Denise decided to join the Dream Vacations network.


Now finally a travel advisor, Denise quickly discovered that the extensive training opportunities and support resources she’d heard about were real – and truly critical tools for success. With the Dream Vacations family, she was offered many resources to enhance her knowledge and skills, ranging from in-person training events to interactive virtual sessions and on-demand modules. “As far as the level of support that I had been hoping to find, my hopes and expectations were far surpassed. I realized that even though I was an independent agent, I was never ever alone.”, says Denise.

Shortly after becoming a Dream Vacations travel advisor, she saw her next opportunity on the horizon: ownership of a travel franchise. She now faced a choice between a Dream Vacations franchise or electing another travel franchise brand. For Denise, the decision was crystal clear: "There wasn't even a choice in my mind.” In 2021, Denise opened her own Dream Vacations travel agency franchise.

From the moment she joined the Dream Vacations community, Denise was deeply encouraged by the level of support she received – and by the sincere consideration that came with it.

“The Dream Vacations team, spanning various departments, was always just a phone call or email away. They not only provided assistance but were genuinely happy to do so. Every question is treated patiently and kindly – they consistently emphasize dignity and respect. They instilled in me a sense of unwavering confidence, which is priceless, especially for someone just starting their journey."

In addition to the exceptional support system, Dream Vacations offered Denise an array of innovative marketing programs that allowed her to tailor her strategies to her goals. With a vast toolkit at her disposal, she can correctly engage with clients. Of the Dream Vacations marketing team, Denise says: “They are constantly working on new initiatives to improve and refine our business to give us the best chance of success.” She discovered the marketing resources offered, like email, direct mail, professionally-produced videos, quarterly contests, and exclusive promotions – saying, “All we need to do is avail ourselves of the tools they have provided us.”

Denise’s dedication to success propelled her from a relative novice to a travel business owner in just three years – with her journey fueled by the support and community of the Dream Vacations network. “Sometimes you hear about these companies that say that they care about their people like family. It sounds nice, but you don’t always know how true it is. I can say with 100% honesty and accuracy that when you join the Dream Vacations network, you are stepping into a world where this is truly the case. You are provided with all you could possibly need to succeed. You’ll access the tools and training needed for success alongside a level of support and encouragement that’s second to none.” 

As to others with a drive to follow the same path as she has, Denise’s answer is simple: “If I had to do it all over again, I would make the same choice. I wouldn’t change a thing. I know that anyone joining Dream Vacations will not be disappointed.”

To learn more about owning a Dream Vacations franchise, visit DreamVacationsFranchise.com.