Cruises Inc. Agent Finds Success in Encore Career as a Travel Agent

December 17, 2020

Like so many others, being a work-from-home travel agent is an encore career for Jennifer Norman-Dixon. After being laid off from her job in corporate America, Norman-Dixon took her first cruise vacation with her husband to escape the hectic life that they had been living. They booked with a Cruises Inc. agent and after returning home, immediately called and booked a second and then third cruise. At that time, Norman-Dixon’s travel agent recommended that she join Cruises Inc. – and she completed training that same month!

The transition from working a corporate job to being free to enjoy a new career, travel and see the world, and have flexibility in scheduling her workday and tasks was a welcome change for Norman-Dixon. She used her organizational skills from her prior careers to maintain order and relevance to each booking and client. Norman-Dixon quickly learned that that selling cruises from

Jennifer Norman-Dixon Waving

home takes discipline, organization and patience, and that this is not a sprint but a marathon. She encourages other travel agents to grow from their mistakes and not to sweat the small stuff. Be vulnerable and ask for help when needed.

Norman-Dixon believes the ideal person for becoming a travel agent is open to change and willing to learn. Another important ingredient to achieving success in this business is providing excellent service and enjoying travel. It is important to experience and have knowledge in the products being sold to clients.

Jennifer Norman-Dixon Cruise

The atmosphere of family and the heart of compassion that leads Cruises Inc. amazes Norman-Dixon. With Cruises Inc., one is never to left to fend for themselves, and this was never more apparent than in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Norman-Dixon found the entire Cruises Inc. family to be present and encouraging every step of the way. She relishes the “Debbie’s Take” empowerment message from Chief Operating Officer Debbie Fiorino and appreciates the regular updates from General Manager Drew Daly, as well as the other managers of Cruises Inc. She is grateful for the love, support and empowerment from this organization.

Israel, Africa, Turkey and Portugal are on Norman-Dixon’s vacation bucket list.