CoNexion 2015 Speakers Named

June 25, 2015

Nexion®, the travel industry’s premier host travel agency, is announcing that Andy Stuart, President and Chief Operating Officer of Norwegian Cruise Line and hall of fame speaker, humorist and author Kathleen Passanisi will serve as the keynote speakers for CoNexion 2015.

In addition to the well-known speakers tapped to be part of the annual conference, Nexion is also providing details on the 51 workshops available to attendees, including 45 unique sessions, in which acclaimed travel attorney Jeff Miller will participate offering his legal insights on small businesses in the travel industry. CoNexion 2015 will be held for the first time ever at sea aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Getaway, September 26 through October 3, 2015.

Who's Speaking at CoNexion 2015?

“To celebrate Nexion’s 20th anniversary and our first-ever conference at sea, we know that keynote addresses from highly regarded leaders such as Andy Stuart and Kathleen Passanisi will truly resonate with our Nexion agents. The combination of high-level industry insights and entertaining self-reflection will definitely strike an energizing chord with our attendees,” said Nexion President Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE. “Having speakers from both inside and outside the travel industry will give attendees a broad perspective on their businesses’ diverse strategies for growth into the future, as well as new approaches to enhance their creativity and make life at home and work even more fun.”

CoNexion 2015 Keynote Speakers

“Everyone at Norwegian Cruise Line is thrilled to welcome Nexion aboard the beautiful Norwegian Getaway for their very first conference at sea,” said Andy Stuart, President and Chief Operating Officer of Norwegian Cruise Line. “Our entire team is excited to make Nexion’s 20th anniversary conference not just special but their best conference ever,” added Stuart, who will address the conference in a dual format – first delivering remarks to the attendees, after which he will sit down with Friedman for a one-on-one interview to speak in-depth about how agents can work with Norwegian Cruise Line to grow their business.

CoNexion 2015 logo

Kathleen Passanisi is a noted speaker, humorist and author who was one of the featured speakers at Cruise3Sixty earlier this year. Passanisi delivers serious, customized content that’s immediately applicable as well as hilariously funny. She hits on topics like stress management, life balance and therapeutic humor and its positive impact. Passanisi has helped thousands of people and business owners change their outlook and their lives, one laugh at a time, through her engaging and entertaining programs.

Also participating in CoNexion 2015 is noted attorney and consultant Jeff Miller, who specializes in the travel, tourism, insurance, transportation and hospitality industries. He works with clients of all sizes, from major international corporations to small traditional travel agencies and home-based travel agents. Miller will facilitate multiple workshops, as well as offer one-on-one meetings with agents about their individual businesses.

Over 50 Education Sessions

Another key component of CoNexion 2015 is education. Nexion agents will have the opportunity to attend many of the 51 workshops offered during the conference, as well as learn from top industry executives throughout the cruise. Attendees will also be able to meet one-on-one with supplier partners and share best practices by networking with their peers and Nexion staff.

New in 2015: Giving Back

This year, as a member of, Nexion will also be raising money for the consortium’s new Family Bonds Foundation. Family Bonds logo

The charitable foundation was established to help people within the family, supplier partners and others in the travel industry when difficult hardships arise due to unforeseen circumstances. “Nexion is one big family and we never lose sight of that. Taking time out of the conference to give back and support our broader family, as well as the larger travel industry, is particularly compelling to us,” said Friedman. CoNexion attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a 20 laps for 20 years walk around Norwegian Getaway to raise money for the Family Bonds Foundation

Looking for Additional Info?

For more information and to register for CoNexion 2015, Nexion agents can visit All travel professionals interested in learning how to succeed as a professional business owner, backed by Nexion’s many great benefits, are encouraged to call 800-747-6813 or email

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