A Perfect Match: How One Franchise Owner Combined Two Passions To Create a Dream Business

May 1, 2019

Eddie Diaz is in the business of making memories. Whether it is designing elaborate events or creating custom vacations, his clients always leave with memories to last a lifetime. In this Q&A, learn how Eddie combined his two passions as a Dream Vacations travel agency franchise owner.

Name: Eddie Diaz

Location: Orlando, Fla.

How long have you been a Dream Vacations franchise owner?

I opened my travel agency franchise in 2015.

Dream Vacations Q2: Eddie Diaz Taj Mahal
Eddie Diaz at the Taj Mahal

What did you do prior to owning a Dream Vacations franchise?

I have been very fortunate. I currently operate a successful destination event planning company called Encore Creations where I am a Destination Event Planner. Travel has been in my blood all my life and in all aspects of my business. So, when I wanted to open a second business it made sense to follow my passion for travel.

Why did you decide to open a franchise?

I decided to open my Dream Vacations franchise when I wanted to expand my current business. I saw and understood the power of leverage and opportunity within my own business. Making the decision to create a marriage between travel and events was a no brainer for me. I craved the combination of both industries.

Why did you decide to go into travel?

In my younger years I worked on Premier Cruise Lines also known as the Big Red Boat. I had some of my best memories working on cruise ships. Traveling the world is part of my DNA. All I think about is how to see, explore and connect with the world. Owning my Dream Vacations franchise has enabled me to do this and so much more.

What attracted you to Dream Vacations?

The culture of the company. Having owned my business for 20 years, I understand the importance of company culture. What makes a brand is their people and Dream Vacations pays excellent attention to its franchisees. Dream Vacations has invested in my future time and time again and provides turn-key solutions.

What is your one piece of advice for somebody looking to open a franchise?

When doing your research, it is very important to ask questions. Find what lies at the core of an organization. Is it the right fit for me? In a vast ocean of possible agencies, what truly makes a brand stand out is their team and the support and tools provided. Find an agency that listens and cares about you and your needs. Like a relationship, you are in it for the long haul and want to make sure you are buying into the right marriage.

What is your one piece of advice for somebody who recently opened their franchise?

Be patient. Take time to educate yourself about the industry. There is way too much information available. Pick a niche, focus on a few suppliers and get to know the system well. As you find your groove and learn tricks, you can incorporate more things. It can be overwhelming and challenging. Patience is key. Also ask questions. There are no stupid questions. Always triple check everything. It is easy to overlook the most obvious things. Lastly, enjoy the process! It is your investment and your baby.

What is your favorite thing about being a travel agent franchise owner?

I love having the ability to provide advice and help others see the world. I enjoy the challenging parts of running a business. I also love being able to be a source of employment to other travel agents. Of course, travel is fun and the perks are amazing!

What do you love most about Dream Vacations?

I will begin by saying…I am ONE with the Dream Vacations tribe! I am always amazed at the level of care and camaraderie. It is like family to me. What I love most about Dream Vacations is the opportunity to run and operate a well-oiled machine. Dream Vacations does it well and they are constantly improving and investing in our businesses. Nothing is stagnant. Dream Vacations is always evolving and creating new opportunities for the owners.

What is your Dream Vacation?

My dream vacation is Antarctica and Iceland to see the Northern Lights!

About Dream Vacations: Travel agents with the top-ranked home-based travel agency franchise Dream Vacations have the resources to plan and create seamless vacation experiences for their customers while offering the best value. A member of the International Franchise Association, Dream Vacations is part of World Travel Holdings and has received partner of the year, a top-ranking status, by all the major cruise lines as well as national recognition for its support of military veterans. 

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