How Trust Can Make or Break Your Travel Business

June 21, 2022

Now more than ever, trust is one of the driving factors of where travelers choose to take their business. Because of Covid-19, some trust has been lost in travel due to entry requirements, canceled trips and the fear of the unknown. Over the last few years, the travel industry as a whole has taken large steps to rebuild trust for the future of our industry.

It’s no mystery that trust sells. The element of trust in your small business cultivates more sales, repeat business and client referrals. Avoya’s goal is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to appeal to future clients and build a strong reputation for your travel business.

Here are 8 tips that we’ve put together to help heighten clients’ trust in your travel business.

Be clear about your services and specialization

When you’ve established clarity between yourself and your client you will become more productive and effective. Ask your clients questions such as how involved they want to be throughout the process, what their budget is and what they envision the travel experience to be. Be clear from the beginning of your communication with your client to create a simple path with limited obstacles to overcome.

Show compassion to your clients

Although this may be an obvious tip, it’s important to note that many travelers have reservations in booking vacations after Covid-19 for fear of cancellation or testing requirements. With testing no longer required to return to the United States, this makes the process a bit easier, but remember to always be aware of potential concerns. Understanding your client’s potential reservations and setting them at ease with your industry knowledge and expertise will create a strong foundation of trust.

Choose to do what is right ahead of what is easy

One of the best business practices is to show good character, as this builds trust within your clientele (and will eventually promote repeat business). This doesn’t mean you need to buy your clients a bottle of wine after every vacation they book through you – unless that’s your thing. Character is shown through acting with respect, integrity and ethical behavior. You want your clients to trust that you will get things done when you say you will, like securing a quote or contacting a vendor on their behalf, going above and beyond to make sure that it happens. Showing strong character will attract customers to your business and allow for a deeper level of trust in your independent agency.

Share your expertise and insights on the experiences that your customers are taking

Clients will have more confidence in a travel business that stays fresh, relevant and capable. Touch on your must-know travel tips before they embark on their adventure and enlighten them on the opportunities that can be taken on their trip when booking through you. As a travel advisor, you should be your client’s go-to source for anything travel related. It’s important to think far ahead when planning your clients’ trips while taking into consideration the questions they may have before and after arriving at their chosen destination. Taking steps to guide your clients through every turn of the booking process will ensure that your clients recognize your expertise as an adventure advisor.

Make commitment a priority

Customers resonate with businesses that stand strong through adversity. Whether you have been in the travel business pre-Covid-19, or have just begun, commitment to your client’s safety and wellbeing is a must. Make it known to your clients that you have their best interests in mind while navigating through the tides of the travel industry as of late. Commitment to your clients will build a strong basis of trust.

Be upfront about your costs

If your agency includes any fees, be sure to disclose this upfront to stay clear and consistent with your clients. There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a purchasing experience and realizing there have been hidden fees accumulating all along. Be consistent from the beginning of the sales journey with your clients to avoid any uncertainty when they make a final decision.

Become active on social media

If you’ve received positive feedback from previous clients, be sure to share these reviews on at least one social channel of your choosing. Social media is one of the fastest ways for you to grow and strengthen your business’ reputation. Not only will the use of social platforms expand your business marketing, but clients will also want to book through someone who is willing to connect and collaborate. Just like a restaurant grows in popularity with a stellar 5-star review, you should show potential customers why your clients choose and trust you as their travel advisor. New to social media? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a strategy for you to harness the power of social.

Affiliate with a travel network that YOU can trust

Yes, it’s extremely important to build trust between you and your clientele; but you’ll need a network that you can trust while navigating every twist and turn of the industry. In the Avoya Travel Network™, you can enjoy peace of mind and operate your independent travel business with confidence with access to products and services that have helped 1,000+ small businesses. Whether you’re an experienced travel professional, or new to the industry, Avoya is committed to providing your business with every resource it needs to succeed. Contact us at 1-855-875-5861 or visit to learn more about partnering with a trusted network and taking your travel business to the top today.