What to do when you want to join the travel industry

March 16, 2017

While the total number of store front travel agencies in the U.S. has shrunk, the number of people becoming a home-based travel agent has soared. It is not uncommon for a certified home based travel agent to earn a six figure income while working from the comfort of their home. There is a current shortage of travel agents to handle all the travel bookings. This is because the baby boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day. The top thing baby boomers want to do is travel. According to ASTA and CLIA, even with the threat of terrorism and the Zika virus people are still traveling. The travel industry has been constantly growing in double digits for the past five years with no end in sight. Cruise lines are busy building more ships and more and more resorts are being built just to keep up with the demand. The second reason more travel agents are needed, is because less and less people are booking on the internet. In 2015 travel booking on the internet dropped to 36% and in 2016 they dropped even further to 16%. The three reasons people are giving for not using the internet to book are:

  1. With billions of websites people are getting information overload and are tired of wasting hours and hours doing searches.
  2. Too many scams. You can’t tell if you are buying a vacation or if your credit card information is being compromised.
  3. If something goes wrong, who do you call to get it fixed? The internet?

A good travel agent does an in-depth interview to find out exactly what a client is looking for in a vacation. Because they do this on a daily basis, they know how to find exactly what the client is looking for quickly. They also have access to wholesale companies and suppliers that only deal with travel agents. According to a study by ASTA, this usually saves the client hundreds of dollars. Becoming a travel agent is becoming a top carrier choice. People of all ages and backgrounds are becoming travel agents. Travel agents have become the major selling force in the travel industry today. They are selling billions and billions of dollars of Cruises, Honeymoons, Tours and Vacation Packages from their home computer. Most start out part time until they grow their business big enough to fire their boss and sell travel full time. To meet the wide variety of needs of these home based travel agents, AARC Host Agency has developed industry-leading programs and resources to support home based travel agents. "AARC Host Agency is a franchise-like company that provides both experienced and new agents with everything they need to operate their own Online Home-Based Travel Agency" according to Paul Davis, President of AARC Host Agency. Advantages of working with AARC Host Agency:

  1. Free online travel school, mentors and continuous education
  2. Free Consumer Website.
  3. Qualified Travel Leads.
  4. Cutting Edge Technology, Search and Booking Engines.
  5. Top Car, Cruise, Hotel, Tour, and Supplier Partners.
  6. Preferred Supplier Commission Levels.
  7. Exclusive Specials and Discounts on Hotels, Cruise and Vacation Packages
  8. Agent Bookkeeping Tools and Travel Agent Magazines
  9. Award-Winning Print and Email Marketing Opportunities
  10. Product, Destination, Specialist Educational Programs and Webinars

The easiest and fastest way to become a travel agent is to join AARC Host Agency. For experienced travel agents AARC can show you how to earn a six digit income in one year. To learn more go to www.HomeBasedTravelAgents.ORG

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