AARC Host Agency Provides VIP Treatment for our Agents' Clients

August 14, 2017

AARC Host Agency Provides VIP Treatment for our Agents' Clients

The relationships AARC Agents have with vendors and suppliers often result in clients getting upscale, customized and exclusive upgrades. "Through our affiliation with Travel Leaders Group, we at AARC Host Agency can offer our agents exclusive excursions, discounts, perks and benefits the clients cannot find elsewhere.

"Clients booking on their own can’t get these benefits. If hotels, airlines or resorts gave everyone these benefits, they’d be upgrading everyone and giving out freebies until they went out of business.

"AARC Travel Agents, on the other hand, have the connections to get upgrades whenever possible.

"Our agents know they can ask for anything and sometimes get it,” said Paul Davis President of AARC Host Agency, Long Island, NY.

“Things like free Wi-Fi in the room or free parking can be included at higher-end hotels and resorts. If the hotel isn't busy at times, the clients' room can be upgraded because we let the hotel know they are a special client of ours.”

Sometimes, this affiliation scores benefits for both the agent and the client. AMA River Cruises are paying AARC travel agents 25% commissions and giving our clients a $300 on board credit on special sailings.

Paul believes the best travel agents are those who develop a strong relationship with the clients and understand how to make a trip truly special and unforgettable.

One of our agents recently worked with a family and, after learning two little girls were very excited to meet their favorite Princess for the first time at Disney. She went to the card store and got two cards with pictures of those Princesses. Then she wrote a personal note to each little girl telling them how the Princesses were so excited to meet their favorite fans. When each girl got their card, and note they were over the moon in happiness.

“Providing upgrades above and beyond is something we take very seriously and provide at every opportunity.”

AARC Agents can provide; honeymoon/wedding promotions that allow free upgrades and resort credits, two-for-one beach massages, romantic private dinners on the beach and VIP access to a variety of events and personal local guides in foreign countries.

AARC Host Agency “The Host That Provides The Most”

156 Wheeler Road Central Islip, NY 11722

800-619-8646 www.AArcHostAgency.com

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