2018 Fee Survey

November 20, 2018
Win one of eight $25 gift cards for taking Host Agency Reviews' Fee Survey

It is time for our annual Fee Survey!

This is our 3rd year of the Fee Survey and we couldn't do it without all of you! Every agent that participates helps provide us with data that tells a story. This year we're giving away $25 gift cards to 8 lucky advisors who fill out the survey. Help us create a stellar article, and get a chance to win some cash along the way ;)

Click Here to Take the Fee Survey!

Every year, HAR polls the travel advisor community about whether or not they charge service fees, what they charge for, how they charge, and many other juicy details. (If you haven't figured this out already, we LOVE data.) So we crunch the data and look for patterns and trends, which help us create a resource for you, the advisor community!

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Having grown up in the travel industry I can attest, it’s hard to get travel out of your blood once the travel bug bites you! I’ve been working in the travel industry (or traveling) as long as I can remember. My favorite thing? Working with entrepreneurs and digging deep into the data to help others get a clearer picture of our industry.

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