Booking small suppliers w/ host. Finding host's preferred supplier list. Info on TA sales.
Welcome to Friday 15! In episode 87 Steph chats about if hosts work with small suppliers, how do you find a host's preferred suppliers if not listed on HAR, and how do you find out information on advisor's average sales and commission. 00:00 | Welcome to Friday15! 02:30 | Can you book small suppliers with a host? 05:18 | How to find a host's preferred suppliers 09:19 | How do find data on income, sales, and commissions for specific niches A list of helpful resources for today’s episode: Survey Report Past surveys: If you found the video helpful, we'd love it if you could give it a like, drop us a comment! 💬 📧 Never miss a HAR resource. Join 30,000+ agents and subscribe to our newsletter: 🎧 Listen to our Podcast: 🤔 Travel Agent Think Tank FB Group: 🌴 Thinking of becoming a travel advisor? Join our FREE 7 Day Set Up program: ________________________________________________________________ Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:
June 07, 2023
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