Advantages of joining a host, best travel agent education, & going from salary to being an IC

Welcome to Friday 15! In episode 124 Steph chats with Jackie Friedman, President of Nexion Travel Group about advantages of joining a host, the best travel agent education, and going from salary to being an IC. A list of helpful resources for today’s episode: (Submit questions, sign up for reminders for the F15, along with that week's questions we'll be covering!) (Register for HAR’s Host Week event!) (Benefits of using a host agency.) (HAR’s 2023 Hosted Travel Advisor Research Report.) (List of training/educational opportunities for advisors.) (How to ask questions to your travel industry peers on social media.) (Wanderlust program) (Travel Leaders of Tomorrow) (HAR’s 2023 Hosted Travel Advisor Research Report.) (Nexion’s profile on HAR) or (Nexion’s website, click on getting started) (Register for Host Week! It’s free. It’s fun. It’s full of info to grow your agency!) (Sign up for e-reminders for the Friday 15 and submit your questions!) Submit your burning question here Har.News/Friday15 and join us this Friday (and every Friday!) at 12CT for travel agent tips! Join 30,000+ agents and subscribe to our newsletter:

September 15, 2023
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