TRUTH: Everyone Needs a Trex in their Life. Right?

Hey you! Give yourself a pat on the back; you’ve found our hidden page dedicated to all things T-rex. The crew here at HAR has T-rex costumes dedicated to matters of the utmost important. Here you will find documentation of these matters.

Appearance #1:

Steph cheering at the Twin Cities Marathon, with a “You’re Dino-Mite!” sign:

Appearance #2:

Steph and the HAR Crew up their game with not one but TWO dinosaurs to tell the epic tale of HAR 1.0 going extinct.

P.S. That's a comet ☄️ coming in at the 10 second mark ;)

Appearance #3:

We think this is the only place in the world you can see someone talking about a Fee Survey with T-rexes. Please let us know if we're wrong.