View on Host with Clients, Host vs. Consortium, Business Banking, Client Payments
Welcome to Friday 15! Today Steph chats with Christopher Sherman, Brand Strategy and Marketing from Travel Edge Network , pros/cons of host that has own clients, difference between host and consortium, if you need a business banking account, and if client payments work. 00:00 | Welcome to Friday 15! 01:30 | Pros/Cons of Host that has own Clients 07:40 | Difference Between Host and Consortium 13:00 | Do you Need a Business Banking Account 15:40 How Do Client Payments Work? Here's a list of helpful resources for today’s episode: We do this every week! If you have travel industry questions, HAR likely has an answer :) Submit your burning question here Har.News/Friday15 and join us this Friday (and every Friday!) at 12CT for travel agent tips!
June 07, 2023
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