Signing Host Contract as Personal Rep of LLC, Charging Fees, Are Expensive Hosts Better?
This week, in our 8th episode of Friday 15, Steph Lee covers a lot of ground in a short time! She shares pearls of wisdom on signing host contract as a personal rep of LLC, how to start charging fees, and do expensive hosts = better hosts? Here are the questions we cover! 00:00 | Welcome to Friday 15!! 00:52 | Signing Host Contracts as an LLC 07:07 | How to Start Charging Fees 12:30 | Do Expensive Hosts = Better Hosts? List of Helpful Site Resources: Travel Agency Business Structures: Independent Travel Agent Contracts: HAR's Fee Survey Archive: Tips on How to Find the Best Host Agency: _________________________________________________________________________________________ If you found the video helpful, we'd love it if you could give it a like, drop us a comment! Never miss a HAR resource. Join 30,000+ agents and subscribe to our newsletter: Listen to our Podcast, Travel Agent Chatter: Travel Agent Think Tank FB Group: ________________________________________________________________ Follow us online! Facebook: Facebook (Steph): Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: LinkedIn (Steph):
June 07, 2023
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