Just Starting Out – And My Brain is Frozen! How Do I Present Options to a Client?

In episode 161 Steph is co-hosting with Lori Speers of Levarte Travel! We’ve got some great questions, so make sure you set aside the time to tune in this week! (Also, ICYMI, all of our podcasts are archived, so you can listen at your leisure!) 

1. I recently joined a host agency (exactly 1 month ago) and I do a ton of research but somehow I feel more lost every day. I feel a little overwhelmed with so much information and access out there that my brain is freezing. I don't know where to start off so I am doing all at the same time and freaking out. Do you have a "step list" of what to do first that you would recommend? - Build a website, contracts, forms, services guide, social media, training (do I prioritize supplier training or destinations?) I have a business and social media account set up and going but I am a mess behind it all. I would like to say thank you for making this website such a welcoming place where I feel comfortable asking beginner questions. TIA! —Camila S.

2. What I'm still not clear on are things like this: how do I present options and prices to a client, and give them time to make a decision? Am I supposed to reserve all of the options first to guarantee the price, and then cancel the discarded options afterward? Or do you just present it and hope the prices don't change in the meantime? Are there other good places to find tips or suggestions for effective booking practices? --Christopher M.


https://hostagencyreviews.com/friday15 (Submit questions, sign up for reminders for the F15, along with that week's questions we'll be covering!) 

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https://alg.www.vaxvacationaccess.com/pages/pro-to-pro/ (Apple Leisure Group Pro training)

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https://hostagencyreviews.com/hosts/levarte-travel (Levarte’s HAR profile)

https://levartetravel.com (Levarte’s website)

June 21, 2024
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