Importance of an HA with leads? Providing private info to a host agency? What can you write off from a cruise?

In episode 155 Steph co-hosts with Jenn Lee of TPI and their new franchise Vacation Planners! We’ve got some great, in-depth questions from you this week, so let’s get down to business. Join us! 

1. Hello Stephanie, I am new to the industry and I am trying to find a travel host. If I am geared towards making money and want to make this a full-time job, would it be better to choose a host agency that offers leads? Would that make a difference? —Nina C.

2. If I am signing a contract with a host agency, am I required to provide my SSN along with my driver's license? I am not very comfortable providing that information but would like to know if the host agency needs that information prior to the training and hiring? —Hemangi S.

3. Hi! I was reading your article on travel expenses travel agents can write off. What about writing off a cruise where you are escorting a group and while onboard you meet with them daily to answer questions, "herd cats" and also to organize and host group events both on the ship and at the ports? Sometimes a spouse goes along, sometimes just the TA. Typical Caribbean cruise, so not American-flagged (that pretty much limits it to Pride of America and American Cruise Line river cruises). –Mary S.

TODAY’S RESOURCES: (More about travel leads and what to consider with a leads program.) (Annual hosted travel advisor report gives idea of earnings over time for both FT and PT advisors to help with your planning.) (Advice on how to find the best host agency.) (Learn more about travel agency fraud and the social engineering tactics fraudsters use.) (ARC’s webinar on fraud.) (Things to look for in your contract with your host agency) (The different types of travel agency business structures.) (Why it’s so important your host agency is following the DOL and IRS rules for independent contractors.) (What travel expenses travel agents can, and can’t, write off.) (5 steps to finding groups – it’s not as hard as you think!) (10 Insider Group Booking Tips From Travel Advisors) (Here’s What Suppliers Want You to Know About Booking Groups)

May 10, 2024
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