How To Sell an Agency? Back into the Travel Industry 30 Years Later!

In episode 160 Steph is co-hosting with April Swales of Uniglobe! Please join us as this dynamic duo tackles a couple of important questions!

1. I was wondering if I could pick your brain a little about the current status of the industry, the possibilities of finding someone interested in buying an agency, and what makes a travel agency attractive for a potential buyer. My mother isn't ready to stop working as an agent and loves helping her clients but I could see it being a good exit strategy for her in the near future. —Nathan

2. I went to an actual school in 1988 on the Sabre system. Do you know if there are courses that might bring me up to speed & how much they cost?

I spoke with IATAN & ARC today. It's not as expensive as I thought it'd be but I'd still like to start off maybe working with a national agency for a while first. Thoughts? —Anonymous

TODAY’S RESOURCES: (Host Week presentation with Steph and Marc Casto on selling an agency) (Broker specializing in travel agencies/tour operators)’s-guide-succession-planning (Tips on how to become a corporate travel agent with links to Sabre trainings.) (A list of the different travel agent accreditation options.) (Find travel agent jobs on HAR’s travel jobs board!) (Info on how much travel agents make) (Travel Leaders of Tomorrow is only accepting students who have already secured a job with an agency but are in need of training.) (In-depth information on what the GDS, global distribution system, is and which travel advisors use it.)

June 17, 2024
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