Going from Hosted to Indie, Paying Yourself a Salary
In HAR’s 11th episode of Friday 15, Steph Lee shares more travel agent tips and tricks, answering the latest travel industry questions that have come across her desk. Here’s what she’ll cover: 00:00 | Welcome to Friday 15!! 00:40 | Going from Hosted to Independent 06:54 | Should you Pay Yourself a Salary? Resources we go over: https://hostagencyreviews.com/blog/travel-agency-accreditation https://hostagencyreviews.com/blog/what-is-travel-consortia-travel-coops https://hostagencyreviews.com/blog/travel-preferred-supplier https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6705806-the-money-book-for-freelancers-part-timers-and-the-self-employed https://hostagencyreviews.com/blog/how-much-do-travel-agents-make-travel-agent-salary https://hostagencyreviews.com/blog/travel-agency-business-structures https://hostagencyreviews.com/page/incomesurvey https://hostagencyreviews.com/feesurvey If you have a travel industry questions, Steph likely has an answer :) Submit your burning question here (bonus points if you can stump Steph!) har.news/friday15 See you next Friday, 12CST! Join us this Friday (and every Friday!) at 12CT for travel agent tips!
June 07, 2023
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