Converting quotes to Canadian money, Host training vs. independent, Why’s a consortia important
Welcome to Friday 15! In episode 93 Steph chats with Vanessa McGovern, Co-Founder of Gifted Travel Network about converting quotes to Canadian money, host training vs. independent training, and why’s a consortium important to consider when choosing a host. Helpful Resources (Use promo code HWhuzzah to save 50% through Feb, 12th, 2023) ( Course Community Meetup on Feb 13th at 7pm CT (Friday 15 Episode 91: Problems that may arise if you’re booking clients outside the currency you’re quoting them in) (What are travel consortia?) (List of travel consortia) (Virtuoso consortium profile w/list of Virtuoso host agencies) (Travel agent training and education options) (Travel industry events calendar) (Host Week Interview) (Email Gifted Travel Network team) (Vanessa’s LinkedIn profile) We do this every week! If you have travel industry questions, HAR likely has an answer :) Submit your burning question here Har.News/Friday15 and join us this Friday (and every Friday!) at 12CT for travel agent tips! (Gifted Travel Network’s HAR profile) 📧 Never miss a HAR resource. Join 30,000+ agents and subscribe to our newsletter: 🎧 Listen to our Podcast: 🤔 Travel Agent Think Tank FB Group: 🌴 Thinking of becoming a travel advisor? Join our FREE 7 Day Set Up program: ________________________________________________________________ Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:
June 07, 2023
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