Best way to charge fees? Filtering out HAs by consortia on HAR? Difference between a franchise and HA?

In episode 156 Steph is so excited to co-host with Meredith Calloway of GTN! You’ve sent along some fabulous questions this week, so please join us for some great Friday afternoon conversation! 

1. Hi! I’d like to charge a fee for my business. I plan to specialize in luxury, which I think will make it easier to charge a fee, like Courtnie in your last podcast said. What is the best rate to charge? Any other fee-charging tips? —Anonymous

2. I'm currently with a Virtuoso host agency but thinking of making a change. Is there a way to filter your hosts to select for Virtuoso? I'm not sure I want to give that up. —C.

3. Hi there. I have a couple questions about becoming a travel agent and thought maybe you could send me more information. I would like to understand the difference between being a host agency and a franchise. There is so much information online that is untrue and it's hard to decipher between what's real and what people just put out there to take your money. 

Any information you could send me I would appreciate! Thanks, –Andrea C.

TODAY’S RESOURCES: (Annual hosted travel advisor report gives idea of earnings over time for both FT and PT advisors to help with your planning.) (Travel agent guide to charging fees.) (Luxury travel advisor Courtnie Nichols, who charges a $5k group planning fee and only takes on destination wedding a month.) (Italy Beyond the Obvious charges per person per day fees. They account for 80% of her income.) (The different routes to become a travel agent.) (Differences between travel franchise and a host agency.) (Learn more about travel MLMs, why HAR recommends staying away from them if you want to be a travel advisor, and what to look out for.)

June 03, 2024
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