Independent Agency Early Success Event

Independent Agency Early Success Event

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Maximize Your Sales Potential with Education Tailored For You

Looking for an exciting, fun, very valuable and optional resource to improve your overall success and profitability? Our event calendar has something perfect just for you and your business!

For Independent Agencies who have been a part of the Avoya Network™ for a year or less, this event focuses on educating and connecting with travel industry leaders. Participants can enjoy opportunities to start building connections with brands, continue their Avoya education and learn how to successfully sell what each brand has to offer.

“I would absolutely recommend that anyone who is truly interested in growing their business, or staying current in the industry, attend an Avoya Event. The knowledge and experience shared by our supplier partners and other travel agencies during these events, in a space where you can focus 100% on your business without any distractions, is truly priceless. Investing the time and money to attend these events is a must-do in my opinion.”

-Carri Kersten, owner of Carri Kersten Travel Design, LLC, an Independent Agency in the Avoya Network

Must be an Independent Agency in the Avoya Network to participate. Contact us to find out how you can be a part of an exciting Network with endless opportunities for events, networking, collaborating and more!