Candidate Chat: ASTA Board of Directors

Candidate Chat: ASTA Board of Directors

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Have you heard? ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) has critical board elections around the bend and we want you to vote! 

Join us Thursday, July 7th at 12pm CT to meet the candidates so you can learn more about ASTA’s impact and cast an informed vote in their board elections.

Candidate Interviews

To help inform your decision, HAR founder, Steph Lee, will get up close and personal with the candidates for ASTA’s next National Director at Large. That's right, she can now add political forum moderator to her list of life accomplishments. #lifegoals

In each 6 to 8-min interview, Steph will ask the candidates the same two questions. None of the candidates have received the questions ahead of time and the interviews are unedited. So while there won't be any blooper reels, you're definitely going to get a flavor of each of the candidates!

Demystifying the Election and the Board

And if you're not politically savvy, and have no idea how board elections work or what each of the positions does, hop on to learn more about the process!

We've enlisted the help of ASTA's team to demystify the structure of the board, how the elections work, and why it's so darn important to vote and make sure the people on the board are representing your interests! They'll be breaking it down in layman's terms to bring you up close to the process. And because it's HAR, you know it'll be fun. :)

Don't Forget: Join ASTA Today!

Elections are open and highly encouraged for all ASTA members. Not a member yet? There’s still time to sign up here. (To vote, you must be a member in good standing by Friday, July 8th, 5pm ET)

Not sure what ASTA can do for you? Check out former ASTA Chairman, Dave Hershberger’s statement on the importance of membership and voting in ASTA’s board elections.