We've got ourselves 400+ reviews!

There's a song that comes to mind for an occasion such as this.

This last Friday we passed the 400 reviews mark and party rock is definitely in the house tonight!

A Big Thank You

Host Agency Reviews℠ has seen enormous participation from experienced hosted agents since our start in May 2012 and we want to say thank you.  We have many travel agents visiting our site that are new to the industry and the 100s of well-written reviews are invaluable to them as they narrow down the best host agency for their needs.

97% of our reviews on hosts are positive which says great things about our industry and helps make host agencies and their reputations more transparent.  Each host travel agency offers different things, has different personalities, and has distinct strengths.  Inevitably, those shine through in the words of the agents who have experienced them first hand - they come through in the subtleties of the reviews.

We're amazed to think that since we started there have been an average of 35 reviews a week coming in!

We say, keep 'em coming, thank you so much, and spread the word about the site to those new to the industry and those looking to build their business!  We send out loads of helpful business tips in our newsletter that will help travel agents of all experience levels grow their business.

Photo Credit: Andrew Vargas

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