Welcome to HAR, Logan! (Who's Logan, You Ask? Read This to Find Out, Silly.)

January 10, 2019

It is with the utmost enthusiasm that I tell you WE HIRED LOGAN!!!!

Logan Fulmer, Project Coordinaor, Canoeing

Um, wait... Who's Logan, you ask? Fair enough. ;)

He's the guy that's been helping us out since October. Shhhhhhh... we've been keeping him under wraps.

It wasn't quite a covert operation, but if you wanted to call it that, I wouldn't object. (I've always wanted to be a Spymaster!)

Anyhow, we've been training Logan on all things HAR the past few months for a new role, the HAR Project Coordinator. Which is to say, he'll be doing a lot of this and a lot of that so you'll run into him lots of places around HAR.

Look for more of him on social and heading up HAR projects like surveys, website updates, design, and (maybe) creating a whack-a-mole game for the office, I haven't checked in with him on that yet. I figure he was game for being the videographer for our recent HAR 2.0 Dinosaur Video so I might be able to convince him whack-a-mole is a good idea.

He's a Fellow Small Business-er

Holy cats, does Logan's background ever bring a TON of talent to the HAR Team! He's coming to HAR from his family-owned, local pet store — with three storefront locations that, according to the Rigel, offered some amazingly delicious bones. I didn't try them myself, but I trust Rigel.

Most of our readers are entrepreneurs and we all know what it takes to run a small business. Logan's been doing the small business thing since he was a young'un. He dabbled in the front end, helping customers, accounting, technical/web stuff, marketing, and design. We put his design skills to the test last month when we created some Paint by Numbers of people's favorite travel pictures. Isn't this one lovely?

Paint by number of Tiffany Layne
Photo Credit: Tiffany Layne

When it comes down to it, I'm thrilled to add someone to the team with such deep knowledge of running a small business and has a knack for being really stellar at anything he sets his mind to. Which is why I might commission him to build a Lego T-rex.

So who is this international man of mystery?

Here's a few quick facts to help you get to know HAR's newest team member:

Lives in: Minneapolis, MN

Favorite Trip: It’s a tough choice, but one of my favorite trips is a side excursion I took from Paris to Le Mont-Saint-Michel, an Island village and abbey off the coast of Normandy. I stayed overnight and woke up early to see it surrounded by the sea at high tide. Luckily the early morning trek was relatively deserted and included a gorgeous sunrise, light rain shower, and accompanying rainbow simultaneously framing this UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Preferred Caffeine Drink: My preferred caffeinated drink would have to be dark roast coffee (with a hint of cream in the absence of a pastry 😊)

Logan Fulmer Project Coordinator drinking coffee

Rigel's Best Feature, According to Logan: I love Rigel’s upbeat, positive attitude. He’s always excited to greet his visitors. I also admire his love of recycling, very eco-conscious. 

Rigel's Response: Logan, I just enjoy it so much when you come to pay your respects to me, Prince Rigel of Rigelshire. As a gesture of our friendship, I shall invite you on one of my recycling cabinet raids. And then I will take you on a walk.

Your Mission

So, next time you see the man in these photos — on or offline — give him a big old wave and get to know him. :) I swear, by my Steph Honor, that's he's super, duper nice! Go ahead connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Welcome to HAR, Logan — we're beyond thrilled to have you on the team!!!! Whack-a-Mole, here we coooooooommmmmeeeeee!

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