HAR's New Teammate: Welcome April! (And Cats.)

March 4, 2020

We're SO excited!!!!

The new HAR marketing manager is amazing. She's awesome. She's got what it takes. And she owns a cat.

April Oliveira, Marketing Manager, Host Agency Reviews

Yes, that's right folks. April Oliveira is bringing a huge amount of talent, as well as animal species diversity to the HAR team. It's no longer just dogs here at HAR, there are now TWO cats in the HAR offices. [Rigel gasps!]

What the heck is she going to be doing?

You'll be seeing April on our social accounts (btw, HAR has its own Instagram and Twitter accounts now! Won't you follow us?) and she'll be part of the support team that helps answer your questions and listens to your feedback. I have to tell you, you're going to love her. ❤️❤️❤️ She's really smart, has a great sense of humor, tons of energy, and fits seamlessly into the HAR team. We're so fortunate to have her on board!

Here's the dish on April

So, let me tell you a little about our newest team member. April was born, raised and lives in Boston. Which means she comes complete with a Boston accent that beautifully complements our Minnesota accents. 😂 It's pretty wicked.

April Oliveira family, Host Agency Reviews

Prior to her conversion to the world of travel, April worked as the marketing director for a restaurant group (delicious Italian, if you're wondering). And while we're talking good food, April loves to cook, trying out new recipes as much as she can. She was recently introduced to the — you guessed it — the Instapot. She says it's life-changing and honestly, after hearing that her spinach and artichoke mac and cheese was done in FOUR MINUTES, I'm nearly sold myself. How does that even happen?!?!

Her husband and three kids have a goal to hit all 50 states. When asked about her dream states to visit? Alaska or Hawaii. When we moved to the international level, backpacking through Europe has April drooling.

How's this for neat?!?

And I've saved the best for last. You know those dream stories you hear about in the news, but nothing like that have ever happened to you or anyone you know? Well, April has one of those!!!!

After high school, April took a job working in Stonehill College's catering department and that's where the college president took notice of her smarts and potential ... and he offered her a full ride scholarship! Isn't that dreamy? Maybe it's especially dreamy for me because I worked at my college's catering department and yet somehow, my talent escaped them. Although, when I think back to a catering event where I wasn't able to figure out how to open a wine bottle, and my solution was to take a knife, cut the cork out of the bottle and spoon out the floaters, I can understand why I wasn't on the radar.

I'll end this by saying April is totally on our radar as a shining new team member that we're thrilled to work with! Go ahead and give her a big HAR welcome in the comments!

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