Travel Agent Valentines (Our Love Letter to Travel Agents)

February 11, 2022

Dear Travel Advisor,

If you attended HAR's Host Week, you know that we're pretty big on grand gestures when it comes to expressing our love for travel advisors. We like to use Valentine's Day to continue to express our admiration. We love whether you are hosted or independent; storefront or home-based; corporate or leisure. We love you just how you are.

Our love for you is the worst-kept secret in the entire travel industry. That's right, no passing secret notes in the school halls. No telling George to tell Stella to tell Rodrigo that we love you more than a free upgrade to business class on your airline of choice (*sigh*).

But I know that actions speak louder than words. Let HAR try to prove our love for you with these crafty travel advisor Valentines—not from us to you, but for you to give to your clients!

We have a special discount for you below, plus a few shareable Valentine's Day memes from our archives so you can express your love to your clients.

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1. Love at first flight . . .

There are pun lovers . . .

Valentine's Day Love at First Flight, 2020
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Travel Agent Valentine: Love at first flight
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2. It's plane to sea . . .

. . . and then there are serious pun lovers!

Valentine's Day Plane to Sea, 2020
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Travel Agent Valentine: Plane to Sea
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3. For the bleeding heart poets . . .

Is a love poem more your style? How about one with classic imagery, and a little bittersweetness, and tongue-in-cheek humor?

Valentines airbnb
Valentines airbnb

3. For the snarky and cute

We love (to discard) emotional baggage! Your clients will love it too.

Valentine's Day Travel Meme, 2020
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Valentine's Day Emotional Baggage 2, 2020
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I hope you can feel the love, dear travel agents. (We made them just for you.) Happy Valentine's Day. ❤️


The HAR Crew

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