Pay your quarterly estimated taxes
The Beginner's Guide to Navigating & Paying Estimated Taxes
Estimated taxes explained in non-IRS speak. Find out if you need to pay them, what they are, how to pay them, and more!
How to protect your travel agency during turbulent times
How to Protect Your Travel Agency During Turbulent Times
What to do when the travel industry hits hard times? Here's tips and resources to help protect your clients and your travel business.
Travel Expenses, 2020
What Travel Expenses You Can (and Can’t) Write Off
Travel expenses are complicated for travel agents. This covers which expenses you can (and can't) deduct and gives you the tools to document and track them.
Do You Need a Travel Agent License?
Travel Agent License: Do You Need One? Read This to Find out.
The best information on travel agency licensing in the United States & Canada. Find out costs, where to register, + what's required to get an agency setup.
Here’s What ASTA’s Legislative Day is Like (and Why You Should Go)
Here’s What ASTA’s Legislative Day is Like (and Why You Should Go)
If you've heard about ASTA's Legislative Day, but are unsure what's involved, read this! We share the ins and out, walking you through a day at the Capitol.
Urgent Call to Action from California Coalition of Travel Organizations
Please read and act! CCTO has an urgent call to action regarding potential legislation that could affect independent agent classification in CA.