You Are Not Alone: Travel Agents Share Stories from the Front Lines
You Are Not Alone: Travel Agents Share Stories from the Front Lines
Stephanie Lee, founder of HAR facilitated a critical conversation that addresses how travel advisors are adapting to this crisis and provides resources to help.
How to protect your travel agency during turbulent times
How to Protect Your Travel Agency During Turbulent Times
What to do when the travel industry hits hard times? Here's tips and resources to help protect your clients and your travel business.
Travel Expenses, 2020
What Travel Expenses You Can (and Can’t) Write Off
Travel expenses are complicated for travel agents. This covers which expenses you can (and can't) deduct and gives you the tools to document and track them.
ASTA Global Convention 2019: #HARlive Highlights
ASTA Global Convention 2019: HAR Highlights
Didn't make it to ASTA's (American Society of Travel Advisors) 2019 Global Convention? No worries. The HAR crew has panel updates/ summaries.
Do You Need a Travel Agent License?
Travel Agent License: Do You Need One? Read This to Find out.
The best information on travel agency licensing in the United States & Canada. Find out costs, where to register, + what's required to get an agency setup.
Travel Agent Forum Las Vegas
Las Vegas Travel Agent Forum 2019: #HARlive Highlights
Couldn't make it to the Las Vegas Travel Agent Forum? Don't worry! HAR will take you there with panel updates. Read up on all the juicy travel agent tips!