Sorry About the Late Newsletter... We're an Aunt!

May 30, 2013

We know, we know. Our newsletter is supposed to go out on the full moon. If you've been watching the moon, you know the full moon has come and gone... and still no Host Agency Reviews℠ newsletter.

Well, we hate to be late but sometimes things up come... LIKE A NEW BABY!!!

Yes folks, we are the proud new aunt of a healthy baby girl, conveniently born right before our newsletter was supposed to be sent out! We've been busy adoring her since. She's the first baby in our family so (naturally), the real world disappeared and we've been looking at her adorable little face since.

To celebrate (and as an apology offering for our tardiness), we thought we'd share a picture. Ladies and gentlemen [drum roll], Steph and her new niece, Arya!

Steph and Arya

Let's Not Forget Rigel

And for those wondering, yes, Rigel is feeling slighted by all the attention focused on his less furry cousin. He's accepting condolences through virtual dog treats sent via his Facebook Page.

Don't let him fool you though, he's still very spoiled.

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