HAR's Q&A Giveaway Is Live!

April 15, 2019

The Skinny on the Contest

I don't want to alarm you, but you can easily enter our Q&A contest to win $200 in cash PLUS a 1hr consultation with the one and only, Steph Lee.

I'm trying not to get overexcited, but it's hard not to! Because all you need to do is go on and ask a question on a host agency, franchise or consortia profile.

Need no convincing and already know how to do that? Well go on and ask your dang questions already! Want a little more info? Read on!

The Contest Guidelines

  1. You receive 1 entry per question: Yes that's right. You can ask 100 questions and receive 100 entries into our contest! The more the merrier . . . although please do ask helpful questions. :)
  2. 3 Chances to Win! We will hold a drawing once a month at 11:59pm CST: May 15th (for questions posted between April 15-May 14th); June 15th (for questions posted between May 15 - June 14th; and the final one on July 15th (for questions posted between June 15th and July 14th). Winners will be emailed on the the following business day!
  3. Dates of Contest: April 15th - July 14th
  4. Eligibility: Curiosity is the only eligibility requirements!

The Prize

Our prize is pretty awesome! It's a $200 cash prize PLUS a 1 hr. consultation with Steph Lee. The best part? We have 3 drawings! Each drawing is for the same prize, so you can have multiple chances to win!

How Do I Post a Question?

Easy Peasy. You can post a question on ANY type of profile that's on our site! Here's the steps to get your question up:

1. Go to profile of company you want to post your Question

From our home page, select the list for host agency, franchise or consortium where you want to post a question. When you get to the list, click on that company.

2. Go to "Question and Answer" section of Profile

Our sleek new site makes makes this section hard to find sometimes but the Q&A section can be found right next to the reviews tab. See image below ⤵︎

3. Ask away!

You can ask anything?! Want to ask a consortia how host membership can directly benefit you, an IC, in your day-to-day? Go for it. Want to ask a host agency which of their preferred suppliers fit well with your niche? Done!

More of a visual person? Here's how to get to a profile's Q&A section!

Step 1: find company. Step 2 : click on Question & Answer tab.  Step 3: click on ask a question button.

Warm Fuzzies!

Yay! Thank you for participating! Your question will not only help you, but the tens of thousands of agents who visit the site every month! *high five!* You rock!

Questions? Comment below and we'll help you out!

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