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July 15, 2016
Nova, the newest member of Host Agency Reviews

 Hey there! My name is Nova (though Mary likes to call me Supernova). I was left in a grocery bag along an Alabama roadside, but made my way up to a foster home in MN where I was adopted by Mary. Immediately we went on a road trip to northern Minnesota where we went hiking and swimming EVERY day. So I guess you can say I'm a born traveler! My people will tell you that I'm truly a wanderer at heart.

Nova playing in the grass
Are you getting my good side?


I loved the traveling so much, that I decided see if I could work at Host Agency Reviews, and after a long consultation between Rigel and Stephanie and negotiations about treat packages, they offered me a job! Jackpot! (I’m really resourceful. If you want pointers on writing cover letters, you can see my public application here) 

Currently, I'm going through HAR bootcamp with Rigel. I'll admit, he has really exacting standards, but I can tell that I'm winning him over with my quick wit and resourcefulness.


I've already learned how to sit, auto sit, watch, touch, and I'm working on trying to do other things than nip when I get excited (gosh that's real hard). And now I'm writing a blog post. That's pretty impressive if I may say so myself.

Right now I'm working two jobs. Though I freelance with HAR, I also work days at a pet supply shop in Minneapolis with my other person. As you can imagine, I'm really busy.

At the end of the day, I get pretty tired.

Nova and Rigel sleeping in their dog beds

And I tire Rigel out, too.

But I don't mind working hard. I need to stay busy. There is a reason I'm named after an exploding star 1! And that brings me to the most important detail . . . both Rigel and I have stellar names! So it's written in the stars that we work together.

Nova resting with her head on a chair rung
I woke up like this

Want to chat? Drop me a note in the comments! I can't wait to hear from you. And if I can't answer your question, I have a feeling I know someone who can ;)


  1. I came to MN with the name Nova, and my people decided to keep in after long deliberation
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