Host Agency Reviews Is Expanding!

January 23, 2018

Whoooo boy! Do we have a little surprise for you! Here's a little sneak preview: 

Mary's Pregnancy Announcement
From left to right: Steph, Mary (holding snow baby), Bridget

Host Agency Reviews is expanding (well, especially one of HAR's team members in particular)! HAR editor, Mary Stein, is expecting an addition to her clan sometime around March 1st. 

We have few details on Future Human, but here's what we do know about Future Human so far: they seem primarily interested in acrobatics (especially in the middle of the night), kickboxing, and loves to eat and drink (at least loves it when Mary eats and drink). Future Human is also already planning a trip or two, so will likely be a born traveler. 

Mary has been practicing her parenting skills with Snow Baby, and despite one minor incident of Snow Baby almost losing her head, she's doing okay.  

Host Agency Reviews' Baby Snowman

Most importantly, how is Nova taking the news? Rest assured, Nova exists in a state of blissful oblivion, under the assumption that everything for Future Human, does, in fact, belong to her.  

Nova laying in baby's crib
Nova has taken a liking to what she believes is her new kennel.

 We'll see how it goes when Future Human comes home. Will they be co-conspirators? Rivals? Best buds? Only time will tell.  

Time will tell other things too. Mary likes surprises, so decided not to find out the sex of Future Human Fulmer Stein. Heck, she doesn't even know what she's going to name Future Human at this point—do you have recommendations, go ahead and include them in the comments along with your birthdate guess! Speaking of which . . . Can you guess the actual birth date of future human? 

If you get the closest guess (date AND time . . . hey, we'll need a tie breaker) in the comments, the HAR crew will send you a little prize (we promise not to send you the baby).

HAR has a few other surprise announcement up its sleeve that I'm excited to share with you. But as Future Human has taught us, good things need ample time to grow and take some time (and patience). ;) 

Cheers to the future!  

— Steph

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