Host Agency Reviews Caps Host Week with HAR’s 2023 Luminary Awards

Mary Stein
January 27, 2023

Celebrating hosts of all sizes, 2023 marks the first year a boutique host agency received a Galaxy Award, which requires receiving awards in all four categories.

Minneapolis, Jan 27th, 2023 – Host Agency Reviews (HAR), the leading online resource that connects travel professionals to industry resources, capped 2023 Host Week by announcing the 2023 Luminary Award winners.

The criteria for the five award categories are as follows:

  1. Supernova Award: Recognizes hosts with high average review ratings
  2. Nebula Award: Recognizes hosts for receiving new reviews
  3. Constellation Award: Recognizes dynamic engagement with advisors
  4. Data Scientist Award: Recognizes contributions to critical industry data
  5. Galaxy Award: Recognizes agencies who won an award in every other category

33 of HAR’s nearly 220+ host listings received one or more Luminary Award(s) in 2023. Host agencies that received a Luminary Award ranged in size from having two to 5,000+ independent contractors.

Travel Resources Group received a Galaxy award, making 2023 the first year a boutique host agency (with fewer than 25 independent advisors within its network) won in all four categories.

“Being a boutique host agency allows us to give true personalized service to each of them; we are only a text away!” said Agency Manager Ilja Chapman of Travel Resources Group ”Being boutique also means we heavily rely on tools and programs of supporting and specialized organizations like Host Agency Reviews.”

Gifted Travel Network also won the Galaxy award in 2023, the first year a host agency has won a Galaxy Award two consecutive years. “Gifted Travel Network leverages Host Agency Reviews for the industry at large, as it validates our elevated support and educational offerings; our members clearly paint that picture in their engaging reviews using this platform,” said Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Vanessa McGovern, in response to Gifted Travel Network five Luminary Awards.

The full list of 2023 Luminary Awards was announced during Host Agency Reviews’ 2023 Host Week. Recordings of the free Host Week event can be viewed on Host Agency Reviews’ YouTube Channel. The detailed criteria for each award category can be found here.

Host Week was free and open to all advisors and (prospective advisors) with the generous support of event sponsors, Adventure Travel Trade Association, Nexion Travel Group, Runway Health, TourRadar, and Travel Planners International.


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