HAR Crashes the Oscars

February 22, 2019

It's that time of year again. The glitz. The glam. The red carpet fashion triumphs and tragedies. Yes, it's Oscar season. Are you ready for it? This will whet your appetite:

I have a baby, so I haven't seen a new release movie since (*cough cough*) a long time! But these films look great. However, I noticed something with the Oscar nominations . . . none of the films feature travel agents, and I'm kind of sad about this. I mean, I'll give some major props to Black Panther. Even though the film has zero travel agents in it, it does have a very creative approach to travel, leaping from reality to the hidden utopian world of Wakanda. Who wouldn't want to vacation in Wakanda?

But is that enough? In order to offer a little consolation in regard to the severe lack of travel agents in film, we're grabbing hold of the spotlight to shine it on some movies that feature—you guessed it—travel agents.

"Feature" might a strong word. But at the very least, they will provide you with some film trivia knowledge. (Heck, it might even be fun to share it with your clients).

Want to see which films get the award from HAR? Lights, camera, action!

1. Batman

"I'd Recommend a good travel agent"

Alfred Pennyworth wants YOU to get a good travel agent:

2. Waiting for Guffman

"Some people find it ironical that even though we run a travel agency, we've never been outside of Blaine."

Props to "Waiting for Guffman" for featuring some MN travel agents:

3. The Truman Show

"I'm sorry, I don't have anything for at least a month . . . It's the busy season."

Truman wants to escape reality, but unfortunately he's trying to book a last-minute ticket during the busy season:

4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

"Do you want to see some brochures?"

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" gets the award for best romantic comedy to feature a travel agency (aka the "Cute Overload" award). Travel agents are known for kindling romance on weddings and destination honeymoons, but Toula gets to foster her romance from her desk:

5. Romance on the High Seas

"What a character. Comes in here every few months. Loads up on literature. Plans elaborate tours. Never goes on one."

An oldie but a goodie (and my personal favorite): Doris Day plays Georgia Garrett, a tire kicking client (ahem, non-client) in "Romance on the High Seas."1] She plans elaborate trips then never takes them. Why? Because she's a struggling artist who can't afford to live up to her taste for luxury travel:

Doris Day, Romance on the High Seas
Click to see the clip!

Which is your favorite? Reply in the comments below!


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