7-Day Setup: A Travel Agency Challenge

Get your travel agency started in 7 days!

What is the HAR 7-Day Setup?

When tackling a big project, the hardest part is knowing where to start. Analysis Paralysis at its worst!

We created the 7-day Setup to help get you off the ground! Every day, the main tasks of getting your agency started are broken down into manageable pieces.

For 7 days, you’ll receive a daily email from us that will include the day’s theme, actionable items, the estimated time it will take you, and exclusive resources!

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Get Started…

Tiffany L. - LaVon Travel & Lifestyle

I appreciate how the information is presented as informative rather directive and gives the new or even seasoned travel advisor sound advice that will allow them to make the best decision for themselves.

Tiffany L.
LaVon Travel & Lifestyle
Mitchell N. - Ears of Memories

It was so helpful overall! I really liked the links to setup agencies based on state. You really took the legwork out of finding what kinda legal hoops I needed to jump through.

Mitchell N.
Ears of Memories
Madison M. - Henz & Stagz by Mads

Every single bit of information given was helpful! Especially the parts about registering your business and setting up a bank account. Also, the Host Agency reviews were super helpful. I can't even begin to tell you how much it helped me.

Madison M.
Henz & Stagz by Mads

What to Expect

Daily Emails

Host Agency Reviews Certificate example
Is it really free?

Heck yeah! Our site is supported by advertisers and they subsidize the costs of programs like our 7-Day Setup. What does that mean for you? $0. However, I’m going to throw this out… if you like the challenge and end up chatting with any hosts, we’d love it if you let them know you heard about them through our site!

Will it really only take 7 days?

Our daily emails will indeed only last 7 days, but there are a couple steps that might have a longer turnaround time for you. But you’ll be all ready to go with the other steps to get your agency off the ground in no time!

Do I get a certificate when I’m done? Or at least a gold star?

Well, the big win is that the foundation for your agency will be in place, but yes, we want to acknowledge all your hard work! After you’re done, we’ll send you a personalized certificate with your new travel agency name to push out on social media — a great way to officially launch your business to the world!

And you know what else? Show potential host agencies your HAR All-Star certificate and they’ll know you’re serious about your agency and are ready to go!