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$100 million+
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Hybrid (Host & Travel Agency)
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Amadeus, Apollo, Sabre, Worldspan

About Travel Edge

Travel Edge is both a storefront travel agency with multiple locations as well as a host agency for independent contractor home based travel agents. The doors of Travel Edge were opened in 1974 by owner Ricci Zuckerman.

Home based agents associated with Travel Edge will have access into all the amenities and perks available to members of Virtuoso. This includes things such as exclusive amenities, travel offers not available to the general public, and privileged access. Travel Edge was formerly known as Worldview Travel before a rebranding in 2017.

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Travel Edge Reviews

3 Reviews for “Travel Edge”

  1. Annie Nagler
    February 14, 2013 at 3:35 pm #
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    I recently moved to this agency from another and am so glad I did. Much of the staff that supported the IC department in the previous agency had already moved to Worldview. I stayed and found that general help, training, and support was no longer available, it was time to go.

    I then moved to Worldview and found that they were very welcoming and had better air commissions, many elite hotel contracts and they are also part of Virtuoso.

    The training at Worldview has been invaluable. I have had vendor, business and GDS training (I had begged for Sabre training from my last agency and was told that I did not want to sell air it’s a hassle by staff….but I do!) Worldview offer me an in office Sabre class, I jumped at the chance. I feel so much more confident in using the GDS.
    I have visited my home office in CA and met everyone. It is so nice to work for people and not a faceless conglomeration, I feel part of something, not just a agent number floating alone. The support staff is fabulous–an actual IT department to call, marketing that cares about my input, management that asks me what I need to succeed. I can call or email and have answers to my questions within a hour or less!

    In a nutshell, I feel I made a great decision. I finally feel I have the tools and support to succeed.

    Industry Experience: I have 11+ years industry experience
    Affiliation: I am currently hosted by this host agency

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  2. Sherrill Schier
    February 14, 2013 at 9:58 am #
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    After working with a previous host agency I was very happy to move over to WorldView Travel.

    At first working with the previous agency was easy as I had support and motivation, but then the support staff that brought me on moved over to WorldView Travel and I was left with no support structure. I could get little or no response to requests for help, even after two or three reachouts.

    Since my contract was up, I contacted WorldView to see if they would consider me as an IC. They were so extremely wonderful in their responses that I actually felt wanted and they make me feel as if I am necessary part of their team instead of vica versa. They have taken me under their wing to get me back up to speed on the industry and have taken the time to introduce me everyone that will impact my success.

    My contract with WorldView increased my earnings potential by offering me an increased commission ratio, training sessions, more supplier contacts and step by step instruction for computer access. They couldn’t have made the transition easier for me in every way. They have been patient with me during my learning curve. I am so excited about being with this company and back with the support I need to be the very best I can be.

    Industry Experience: I have 1-5 years industry experience
    Affiliation: I am currently hosted by this host agency

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  3. Beverly D. Gardner
    February 13, 2013 at 12:25 am #
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    Worldview was a great agency to work for. I have always felt as an outside agent it is my choice to work with one or two agencies. One had larger cruise commissions and the other better FIT Commissions.

    Worldview did not like my working arrangements and sent a letter that I was would no longer be working with them.

    When my IATAN card arrived they would not give it to me or return the price I paid for it.How unfair was that. So that year I paid for my card twice.

    I would never recommend them to any outside agent.

    Industry Experience: I have 11+ years industry experience
    Affiliation: I was previously hosted by this host agency

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