Coming Around the Bend, A Message from Steph

Hello, Hello! I’ve missed you. 🙂

In case you’ve been wondering, no, I wasn’t kidnapped. Rather, my body went kaput!

Quick Update: I was diagnosed last May with a disease similar to Lupus. If you know anyone that has a Connective Tissue Disease, you know that every day can be challenging and it’s WILD ride.

Anyhow, I’ve been on medical leave the past 19 months and am just starting to figure out how to live life with my new body (which, according to my estimates, works at about 4% the capacity it used to). That means no more jumping off waterfalls… for now, anyhow. 😉

I can’t do as much as I used to, so I’ve been bringing on some fantastic people to help me with the day-to-day running of the site. And I’d love to introduce you to them!

Meet Mary.  Editor, Right-Hand Lady

Mary is ah-mazing.Mary Stein

How do I know this? Because we took a cross-country road trip together and that’s when people’s oddities really come out. Meaning, she put up with me, in a confined space, for a week… She deserves a lot of credit!

She’s a writer by trade, lover of travel by choice. Conduit magazine snagged her as their Assistant Editor and her fiction has been published in numerous literary journals. Her work has also been nominated for New Stories from the Midwest, and—I’m so proud of this—last year she received a Minnesota Emerging Writers’ Grant and a Loft Mentor Series Award!

It’s important to note that this lady has an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. That means she writes much gooder than me. The quality of my articles will surely go up with her keen eye giving them the once over!

We were also college roommates.

At first that fact may seem irrelevant, but it’s important to know because . . . well, how else could I finagle a way to insert this awesome vintage photo of us?!

Steph and Mary - College Roomies

While she’s new to the travel scene, she’s a quick study. She brings the valuable perspective of someone brand new to the industry. Fresh eyes with empathy for those new to the biz are something I think are invaluable!

You’ll be seeing lots of articles from her in the future. 🙂

And (Most Importantly), Rigel & Co.

And how’s Rigel doing, you ask?

Well, two exciting promotions to declare here. I am THRILLED to announce Rigel’s promotion to Branch Manager, as well his cousin Tanner being brought on as his Assistant Branch Manager.

Rigel, Branch Manager. Tanner, Assistant Branch Manager

The Rigel-Tanner Team will be your go-to resource for all questions having to do with branches.

Happy Spring! Lots of huggles.


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