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$100 million+
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Hybrid (Host & Travel Agency)
Beginner Agents, Experienced Agents
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About TravelOnly

TravelOnly host agency serves the independent contractor home based agent market in Canada. They are a family owned and run business that has been in business since 1974.

TraveOnly homed based travel agents the ability to earn up to 90% commission and accepts both new and experienced corporate and leisure travel agents.

Including in the program is support, marketing, and training. TravelOnly home based agents will have access into Clientbase and the associate portal where they can interact with other agents in the network, track commissions, and sign up for trainings.


TravelOnly Reviews

3 Reviews for “TravelOnly”

  1. Jesse Smith
    May 28, 2017 at 8:35 am #
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    Travelonly was not a supportive company nor was it’s training flexible watching a video doesn’t teach you anything about the nightmare of an accounting program they have. I was a fairly new agent who just received his TICO and I fell victim to a scam concerning a man booking fraudulent flights. The company sent me concerning emails stating that I would be paying back any charge backs from any credit fraud even though I cancelled all the flights.
    I will not be paying back anything. Instead of helping me cancel them they decided to send me nasty emails while my mother was in the hospital. As well the CEO saw this Facebook post a blew up my phone 4 times then found me on FB and threatened me with lawyer’s for a truthful review. Not slander this is the truth. I do not wish to move forward in a positive or professional manner with this company as they didn’t for me… Also Gregory Luciani decided to keep my wedding money for the bookings I had for Dominican and threatened me with legal action because I fell victim to a scam. Not professional people at all all they want is money in their pockets! Go with a different agency for your business this one is unprofessional and they don’t care about the agents well being at all.

    Industry Experience: I have 1-5 years industry experience
    Affiliation: I was previously hosted by this host agency

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  2. SML
    February 12, 2015 at 11:47 am #
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    I don’t find Travel Only to be user friendly. The lack of support is very disappointing.

    Reasons are:

    Commission not paid by Travel Only for past traveled passengers-If the file is not closed by Travel Only Accounting, you must contact the tour company to find out if the file was paid, when, the amount and forward it to accounting. It is very time consuming, when Travel Only should already have on file if they have been paid by the tour operator. Files booked in Sept/2014 and Nov/2014 that were paid to Travel Only in Dec/2014 have still not been paid out to me and it’s Feb/2015. Very time consuming process, and frustrating to say the least.

    Invoicing is a nightmare. The invoicing system is not user friendly. It’s difficult to learn by watching training modules, and the hand outs to follow are not up to date. Again, very frustrating.

    Renewal after the first year of no fees- fees to pay if you don’t meet a high criteria. If you do this on a part time, or probably most full time agents are not likely to reach the criteria. In my opinion not worth the fees to continue on with the lack of support with Travel Only. Basically, you must learn and fend for yourself. Very disappointed in the lack of support from Travel Only.

    Clients can not book air only on the Travel Only website due to fraud. Yet, all other agency websites offer clients the option to book air only.

    Industry Experience: I have 11+ years industry experience
    Affiliation: I am currently hosted by this host agency

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  3. Roberto
    March 13, 2014 at 3:26 pm #
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    TravelOnly is the best host agency because;
    It has the most profitable agents in Canada
    Lowest overhead with great tax advantages
    The ability to balance work and personal life
    State of the art technology to help grow, market and maintain my business
    FAM’s when and where I want
    Preferred Supplier relationships with all the major tour operators, airlines, hotels, cruise lines, insurance and car companies to ensure competitive pricing
    Owning my client list
    Direct deposits with live sales reporting
    Live accounting/admin/executive support
    Family own and operated
    Proud Canadian company celebrating 40 years of success
    Most importantly because I work here 🙂

    Industry Experience: I have 11+ years industry experience
    Affiliation: I am currently hosted by this host agency

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