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100-235 North Centre Road
London, Ontario N5X 4E7
(519) 660-6966
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Travel Leaders Network
Previous Year's Sales:
$25-49.9 million
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Host Only
Beginner Agents, Experienced Agents
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Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan

About Nexion Canada

Nexion Canada is the sister company to the US-based host agency, Nexion.  While the partnership formed in 2013, Nexion Canada has deep roots in the travel industry with over 33  years of experienced as a Canadian travel agency combined with Nexion being a host agency for US travel agents since 1995.

Travel agents with Nexion Canada have the option of 3 programs earning from 60-80% commissions.  There is a one-time $595 activation fee and varying monthly fees.  GDS packages are available as an add-on.

Nexion Canada offers their network training programs (such as Nexion’s Bootcamp and Agent Essentials), leads through a consumer website, blocked group cruise space, marketing, and more.

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Nexion Canada Reviews

6 Reviews for “Nexion Canada”

  1. Dorothy Tam
    September 23, 2014 at 4:57 pm #
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    After 15 years in the financial industry, I got the idea that I should be a travel agent. In all honesty, it started as a silly idea. I didn’t know anything or a single person in the travel industry who could offer me any insight. I thought the only option was to go apply at a brick and mortar and I certainly didn’t want to do that. When I learned about being home based, I was sold.

    Research began for me on the internet of course. Websites such as this one and others started giving me ideas of how to open your own travel agency. I read the pros and cons of using a host or going completely independent.

    I attended Cruise3Sixty in April and decided to join Nexion Canada in May. I thought their sign-up fee and monthly fees were very reasonable unlike other hosts that require a huge start-up. I didn’t have thousands of dollars to start this new business and I certainly didn’t want to take that much risk in case I failed. Nexion also offers a Power Up training program, perfect for such a newbie like myself.

    Nexion’s Power Up program is phenomenal. They have pre-recorded sessions you can listen to at your own pace AND refer back to when you need to do something live for the first time. In addition, I really appreciated the one-on-one weekly sessions with the trainer. What was important to me and still is, is being able to reach out to Nexion when I have a question and to get a timely response.

    I chose the option to brand myself and I really like feeling like I’m the owner of my own travel agency. Nexion provides the back office support I need. I truly feel that they support me and my business and sincerely want me to succeed. It’s only been a short few months and I would never have imagined that I would be where I am today if it weren’t for them.

    I am looking forward to my future as a home based travel agent with Nexion.

    Industry Experience: I have less than 1 year industry experience
    Affiliation: I am currently hosted by this host agency

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  2. Gloria
    July 25, 2014 at 6:24 pm #
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    As a newbie in the travel industry, I feel I have reached a milestone in my business. With openness and honesty I was able to address my concerns and expectations with Mike (the President of Nexion Canada). As an Independent Travel Agent, its very important to feel someone has your back. Working with a host agency is a new realm for me. Words put into action = commitment. Nexion is committed to helping me succeed. They listened and acted on my concerns and needs. I look forward to learning, growing and exploring the possibilities with Nexion Canada. It was a good choice and a healthy partnership.

    Industry Experience: I have less than 1 year industry experience
    Affiliation: I am currently hosted by this host agency

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  3. Bernadette Parrott
    June 27, 2014 at 6:17 pm #
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    Being employed at a Brick and Mortar agency offered me an amazing opportunity to be introduced into the world of travel consulting. When my boss retired December 2013, I did much research to find the perfect host company that would suit me and the vision I had as I moved forward in opening my own home-based agency. I certainly have found that in Nexion Canada.

    All of the support members in London, Ontario are friendly, professional, supportive, accessible and learned. On more than one occasion, Nexion Canada has gone out of the way to offer me the opportunities, tools and accessibility I needed, especially being located in British Columbia.

    The training opportunities offered by Nexion are endless and easily accessible. Even if an “out of the blue” question arises, they are there to help.

    I love working in ClientBase which offers a great opportunity for me to track my clients. The access to the varied tour operators is excellent – I must add that I have better access now then I did at the Brick and Mortar agency I previously employed with.

    Certainly the commission structure is excellent and I’m very happy to say that my business is booming!

    Joining Nexion Canada in January 2014 after 6.5 years at a brick and mortar was absolutely the right choice for me. I am happy to call myself a member of Nexion Canada and proud to be a part of this family of travel consultants.

    Industry Experience: I have 6-10 years industry experience
    Affiliation: I am currently hosted by this host agency

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  4. Ian Parkin
    August 27, 2013 at 2:41 pm #
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    I have recently joined Nexion’s brand new venture into Canada – Nexion Canada.
    I have nearly 8 years experience in the travel industry and felt little growth with my previous employment and so began the change of my life.

    With a relatively new family I wasn’t spending the quality time that they deserved.
    It was at this time I became aware of Nexion Canada in a travel magazine article and coincidentally was introduced to them via a mutual acquaintance.

    Change can be challenging and frightening however I felt extremely comfortable from day one when meeting with the Nexion Management team.

    Professionalism, courtesy and quality are traits easily associated with Nexion Canada and having worked previously in quality Five Star Hotels as a Concierge I know what excellence in service entails.

    Nexion Canada made my transition hassle free with a commitment and endeavour to make sure nothing was left to chance.

    My flexible hours working as an independent contractor for Nexion saved my Marriage.

    This would have been ample reward for the move however there was an additional incentive. The revenue generated with the Nexion programs allows me the potential to make the income I choose. The rewards are incredible for the work you put in. No longer do I work overtime for no pay. I work overtime to increase sales which comes back to me directly as revenue not as income to meet set targets.

    The marketing and training components with Nexion Canada is invaluable as an independent contractor to build and grow my business. They cater to your needs and allow you the freedom to develop the direction you want your business to grow in.

    Patience in our Industry is one of the key factors to success and Nexion Canada has impressed me from day one with their seemingly abundance of patience and assistance.

    I would highly recommend Nexion Canada to all those quality agents looking to move from the mundane to start an adventure that you write, direct and star in and ultimately decide how it develops with Nexion Canada’s continued assistance and guidance along the way.

    Industry Experience: I have less than 1 year industry experience
    Affiliation: I am currently hosted by this host agency

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  5. Sandy Velikonja
    August 27, 2013 at 12:32 pm #
    7 / 7 found this review helpful.

    There’s no way to go but up! After joining Nexion Canada in February 2013, I am able to spend more time focusing on what I need to the most – my client base – and no time on background office work that used to take up 30% of my precious selling time.

    Bigger is better, Nexion is able to secure great rates for its network of agents based on volume. Its perfect, we work as individuals and take advantage of buying as a corporate group ensuring we have competive rates…a much needed “koo” in this market of internet shopping.

    Nexion Town – a forum where agents can post either questions or comments – helps agents feel they are part of the group and builds camaraderie to an individual agent working alone. This is an irreplaceable point of contact for agents and worth spending a few minutes a day perusing.

    And finally, the benefit of a national conference where industry leaders mingle with us! We can have our questions / concerns raised; learn how to use internet to our advantage; meet with hotel groups; an endless learning experience. This is definately the best move I’ve done for my business.

    Industry Experience: I have 11+ years industry experience
    Affiliation: I am currently hosted by this host agency

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  6. Ria Duykers
    August 12, 2013 at 12:31 pm #
    6 / 7 found this review helpful.

    After many years of corporate travel consultancy in the medical & health industry I’ve decided to start my own health & wellness home based travel consultancy in 2009. This went well and no regrets in terms of becoming “independent” but I felt a bit like on a “lonely planet”.

    What I missed though was the experienced guidance and advice, a good backup and out of the box thinking partner and some extra support here and there.

    How could I learn to grow and take my company to the next level? Where to find more skills and tools to better facilitate and serve my niche market. How to get support to grow in the most innovative and efficient way without loosing side of my company’s identity and my business model?

    Well Nexion Canada has answered all the questions for me and I am proud to say that I “affiliate” with this perfect host Nexion Canada. Every day I truly enjoy the communication, education and full support I’m getting and I enjoy the fact that they are willing to go the extra mile when something “new” needs to be “tested” and share our vision that “the best” is not good enough, we are taking the extra step in order to provide real tailored and customized service all with the clients best interest, ultimate experience and travel protection in mind.

    Last but not least; The Stars and Stripes married The Maple Leaves and created a “Global” travel family, what else is there to wish for? Nexion- whether USA or Canada, I strongly suggest you to join this “Travel Family”.

    Industry Experience: I have 11+ years industry experience
    Affiliation: I am currently hosted by this host agency

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