Travel agents and host agencies visiting our site often have the same questions and concerns.  We’ve put together the FAQ to answer them.

  • Do I need to have been a part of the host agency to review it?
    • Yes.  While you can get a feel for a host agency by talking to their sales staff, what we’re really looking for is people that have tried out the host agency program and can share those experience with others.
  • How do you decide the star ratings of the host agencies?  
    • We use a Bayesian ranking system for our review site.  This is a method used by many reviews sites and combats spammers that try to work the system.  The mathematics behind the rating system has been around since the 1700’s and is widely accepted and used.  For those thirsting for more about this method, a google search of Bayesian will make you grateful you don’t have to take math classes anymore.
  • Do you delete negative reviews of host agencies?
    • As a general rule, no.  However, if a review is against our rules or terms of service, then yes.  We don’t moderate disagreements between parties and more often than not, we leave the negative review up.  We feel that reviews, both negative and positive, have value in the discussion.
  • How do I report an inappropriate review?  
    • Drop a line.  We’ll look it over to see if violates our rules or terms of service.