How Much Do Travel Agents Make? A Travel Agent Salary

HAR first published an article on travel agent salary to answer the question, How much do travel agents make? It was published 6 years ago, which is about 60 years in internet time. Thus, it was in need of an update!  If you’re here, it’s probably not your first time around the Google block. So you know […]


Which Travel Agent Specialties Generate the Most Income? (2018)

Choosing a travel agent specialty is one of the biggest decisions a travel agent will make on their journey into the profession. It can lead to sleepless nights, analysis paralysis, and a resurgence of a nail-biting habit. The good news is that we have a ton of resources on choosing a specialty in our 7-Day Setup […]


Gifted Travel Network Announces Free Virtual Training: Travel Agent Startup Week

Gifted Travel Network (GTN) is excited to announce our first ever Travel Agent Startup Week designed for both members of the general public who have a desire to get into the Travel industry and for existing agents who feel like their business may need a reboot to get on the path to success.  This virtual event will be […]


6 Easy Tips for Choosing Travel Agency Names

Advertising Disclaimer: This post on choosing a travel agency name contains advertising links. If you’ve found the site helpful, using the links to set up your domain is a great way to thank us without costing you a thing! More importantly, buying through our links helps fill Rigel’s treat ball. 😉 Now let’s get to […]


We’re Just Getting Started: KHM Travel’s Half Year in Review

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and for KHM Travel Group, this year has been a blast so far! We are just over half-way through 2018, and already we have seen our agents grow in so many ways and achieve so much together. We began the year by launching weekly commission payouts, which […]


Travel Agency Startup Costs and Earnings: What to Expect

We have loooads of articles about starting a home based travel agency. One might say we have written on the matter exhaustively. As it turns out, there’s an area we haven’t touched on … and that is What sort of travel agency startup costs (and earnings) can you expect? After our illuminating 2018 travel agent […]


Become a Travel Agent for Better Travel Experiences

Love to travel, but having trouble affording your dreams? Exploring unique and captivating places and cultures in the far corners of the world is an experience unlike any other, offering us joy and a rich sense of fulfillment that nothing else can match. Travel helps us grow, opens our mind up to immense possibilities, and […]


Oasis Travel Network Experiences Record-Setting Six Months

Unprecedented YOY Increases in Sales and New Bookings Indicate Strength in Land and Cruise Travel Sales BOCA RATON, FL – July 9, 2018 – OASIS Travel Network today announced a significant upswing in business, noting the strongest first six months of the year in the company’s history. The record-setting period includes increased overall sales and new […]


Travel Agent Income Report, 2018 [Free Infographic + More]

Why howdy. Hello there! It’s that time of year! The results of Host Agency Reviews’ 2018 Travel Agent Income Survey are in!  We asked about much more than travel agent income alone. We asked questions about demographics, education, affiliations, job satisfaction and all the usual good stuff.  In fact, we got soooo much data, that […]