Travel Agent

Proactive Dealer Solutions

Full-time Leisure Agent Huntersville, North Carolina Remote

Job description

We are looking for a dynamic travel agent to join our company. In this role, your duties will include setting up a corporate travel policy, as well as tracking and managing travel expenses. You'll also ensure that the company adheres to all relevant travel regulations and procedures.

To ensure success as a travel agent, you should have exceptional knowledge of best practices in travel management and display analytical prowess. Ultimately, a top-notch corporate travel agent should have excellent communication skills and the ability to manage multiple tasks at once.

Travel Agent Responsibilities:

  1. Developing and implementing a corporate travel policy.
  2. Setting up and organizing a monthly or annual travel budget.
  3. Negotiating rates, travel deals, and contracts with travel agencies.
  4. Maintaining a good working relationship with travel service providers and vendors.
  5. Completing daily travel tasks, such as booking tickets and managing credit card operations.
  6. Tracking and reconciling travel expenses.
  7. Recording travel activities to ensure they comply with the company travel policy.
  8. Providing guidance to employees on travel documents, insurance, and travel laws.
  9. Updating the company travel policy as needed based on market research and travel regulations.

Travel Agent Requirements:

  1. Certified Travel agent
  2. Experience with Concur
  3. At least two years' experience working as a travel agent.
  4. Excellent knowledge of travel management processes.
  5. Exceptional managerial skills and proven ability to work with a variety of service providers and staff members.
  6. Proficiency in financial management.
  7. Strong computer skills.
  8. Solid communication and interpersonal skills.