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December 28, 2012
We started with another Host Agency in 2008, and dealt with poor accounting practices, delayed commission payments, lost commissions, untimely support responses, and antiquated technology. We made the move to Travel Quest two years ago and it was the best move we'd ever made. The entire Travel Quest team made the move seamless for us, and it has been smooth sailing ever since. They respond to support tickets usually within a day (sometimes the same day). They have a sophisticated commission tracking system that offers transparent accountability. They have a great community discussion forum for their agents to share advice. And, together with their affiliation with Travel Leaders, they carry a lot of recognition and a great reputation in the industry. It's quite bittersweet that we are parting ways with Travel Quest. We're going out on our own, and we'll miss them dearly - but at the same time, we wouldn't be in the position to take this huge step without their support over the last couple of years. Our previous Host would have never prepared us for this type of move, or put us in a position where our volume has doubled in 2 years. A Host Agency can make or break your home based business. We learned the hard way that there are Hosts that aren't set up to help you advance in the industry. Anyone looking to start a Home Based Travel Agency should look no further than Travel Quest. The same goes for anyone wanting to get away from their current Host, as the transition is easy. Bonnie (the Owner) and her crew will provide everything you need to sell any kind of travel to anyone.
July 22, 2016

I have been an IC with Travel Quest since the first day I started my agency, Premier Travel Service, in early 2006. Bonnie and her staff are remarkable in their attention to service and support.
I mostly self trained myself into the retail side of the agency business with the help of Travel Quest's staff.
I would highly recommend Travel Quest to anyone looking for a host agency. They are down to earth and do not have a corporate feel or culture.
They also have the highest commissions with their preferred and non preferred suppliers. In addition their contacts in the industry are fantastic.

Host Agency Response
September 27, 2016

Awww, John! You are so thoughtful! Thank you for this lovely review and I have to say, I'm most flattered by your statement about our down to earth, non-corporate feel :) It has been awesome getting to see your company grow and you're always so helpful with new agents. Thank you again for the glowing review and congrats on winning the Delta tickets at T National Meeting!

May 20, 2016

Travel Quest has been my host for over 10 years. When I started I was new to travel, Bonnie and her staff helped in so many ways to shape my business. From helping me to get the training I needed, being a sounding board when I wasn’t sure what to do, to reassuring me when I made a decision and then doubted myself, they’ve always been there. With the number of agents Travel Quest now hosts, they still make you feel like family. They are constantly expanding the knowledge base available to us and keeping up on all the newest trends in travel so we don’t fall behind in the industry. I’m proud to be part of the TQ family and would highly recommend them to any agent.

Host Agency Response
May 20, 2016

Thank you so much for the kind words, Pam! It has been great having you with us and we're just as happy to have you a part of the Travel Quest family!! :)

May 1, 2016

I started with TQ 6 years ago and have found my home. Such a great group of mentors. I love that we have an affiliation with such a great franchise, Travel Leaders also. Looking forward to many more years with Travel Quest!

Host Agency Response
May 3, 2016

Dawn, You are right, being a part of a larger company like Travel Leaders is such a GREAT opportunity for all of us.

I love your profile!

It's obvious you have take a lot of time when I look at your travel specialties, photo albums, and customer testimonials.

Thank you so much for being a part of Travel Quest,


March 30, 2016

I have a whole 7 months in the industry and I couldn’t be happier that I choose Travel Quest as my host agency. I spent months researching host companies before I decided to follow my dreams and start my own travel agency and after looking at so many options I kept coming back to Travel Quest! Being brand new in the industry I wanted a very supportive host agency that I knew I could go to with any question, as well as, have plenty of trainings available for me. Starting anything new is scary, but the team at Travel Quest helped me begin my career as a travel specialist with such ease. They have been so helpful and encouraging…I couldn’t be more thankful! I love my TQ family!

Host Agency Response
March 31, 2016

Hi Jeanie, You have validated what I believe to be true, "No one host agency is right for everyone", but with research it's possible to find the perfect fit for YOU.
It takes time to research, compare and talk with the different companies. Not an easy task I know (I did it myself years ago), but all the time and energy pays put forth in the research does pay off when in the end the fit is PERFECT!
Thank you for the trust you have placed in TQ!

March 25, 2016

I was out of the business end of selling travel for several years and when I decided to start up again I felt I needed a host agency that would offer programs and assistance in getting up to speed with technology and industry changes. I found Travel Quest was exactly what I was looking for. I have been associated with them for over two years now and the help and support that they have provided for me has been invaluable. All of the staff in the office are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in every possible way. They inspire me to be better!

Host Agency Response
March 25, 2016

Hi Char! Thanks so much....All the "history" you have with cruise lines has been informational to me as well. So I guess it's a 2 way street, or maybe a freeway...and we are both speeding along together in the same direction!

Thank you so much again,


March 24, 2016

As other posts have emphasized, Travel Quest feels like a family. After I attended their annual conference last year as a guest not really knowing what I was getting into or how a host agency worked I was sold on joining their team on this adventure I know I wanted to begin. They are always there to help! If you are wavering and have the capability to attend their annual conference in September it's a great way to confirm you are making the right decision on signing with them. Take Care and good luck in your business ventures.

Host Agency Response
March 25, 2016

Thank you so much Darcy...Yes! Our annual conference is a great way to "check us out"..."kick the tires", or if you are interested in the travel industry, but have absolutely no idea what a travel agent does....register...and come!
In 2016 we are in Minneapolis 9/10-11 for more info.

March 20, 2016

Like many have already said, I too researched many host agencies before deciding on my top 3. It took me a while to choose but I think the deciding factor was that Travel Quest appeared to be more like a "family" than just an agency. That was my impression based on my brief conversations with the staff. I never felt that they were trying to "sell" themselves, whereas with the other 2 agencies I was considering at the time, I didn't get that "comfortable" feeling I had with TQ. Well, I'm sure I made the right decision! Everyone at TQ is professional, friendly and helpful. When the owner of the agency takes time out of her day to sit down and have a private phone conversation with me to provide insight into the business, that's PROOF that they want their people to succeed! When I see the owner being interviewed in trade publications, that's PROOF that I'm dealing with PROFESSIONAL TRAVEL ADVISORS, not sales people! Travel Quest has made all the difference in the world to me in providing the support and direction I need to keep my passion alive! Thank you, TQ!

Host Agency Response
March 21, 2016

Hi David....thank you so much for the kind words, and thank you for the trust you have place in Travel Quest! We truly appreciate you and your business.

Take care...and see you soon,


March 11, 2016

I spent many months researching before starting my business as a home based travel agent. I found this website to be invaluable. After deciding it was best to work with a host agency, we narrowed it down and then called 4 host agencies to "interview". I fell in love with Travel Quest from that first call. Every time I call or email, I am responded to quickly, professionally and in a friendly manner. I am such a people person, that while I wanted a professional support network, I also need one that is friendly and approachable and personable, and Travel Quest has been all of that. It has been just over a year now that I have been officially "open for business" (since Jan 2015) and I am thrilled with the choice to work with Travel Quest. They are easy to work with, even when I mess up (which I have, more than once). There is no one agency right for every person, so do your research. If your research has led Travel Quest to be in that group of 3-5 that you have narrowed it down to, then you will not regret choosing them.

Host Agency Response
March 24, 2016

Hi Michelle...thanks so much for your kind words! The motto of our support team is...."To not only support, but teach with every touch."

My personal motto (one of them for certain) "Give a man a fish feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime!"

Have a great day,


March 9, 2016

I am so thankful that I chose Travel Quest as my host agency. I looked and searched all the different agencies out there and in the end I picked Travel Quest. The reason I picked Travel Quest was the staff and how they helped answer all my questions when I was first looking. If they were going to take that much time on someone that wasn't part of their team yet I knew they would be there when I needed the help. When I went to the firs National Meeting I knew for sure I had made the right decision. There was so much training and networking that I learned in 2 short days. To top it all off the owner Bonnie is so easy to talk to and so very helpful. She goes above and beyond to help you whenever you need it. The staff is great as well and always there to help. I have been with Travel Quest for 6 months.

Host Agency Response
March 10, 2016

Julie...thank you so much for your kinds words. I am so happy that we lived up to your expectations!

September 6, 2015

I am so happy to have found Travel Quest! They are an amazing host agency that truly believes in supporting and educating their agents, either new or seasoned. i have been lucky enough to to attend regional and national meeting as well as a FAM to the Dominican Republic through the generosity of this agency. The information I gathered at all of these events is invaluable to me as an agent. I could not be happier to be part of such an amazing travel family!


Colleen Kielas

Host Agency Response
September 9, 2015

Colleen! Wow...thank you so much for the kind words. I absolutely enjoyed meeting you at our Regional Meeting in Chicago...AND traveling to the Dominican with you and the other TQ Agents. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity in my life to share the world of travel with such so many talented people.

See ya soon!


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