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CruiseOne - Dream Vacations

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    Beginner Agents, Experienced Agents
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    World Travel Holdings
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  • Lead Program
  • Education Program


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  • Required to use Franchise Brand
  • Accreditation Number Required
  • Location requirement
    Storefront, Home-based

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About CruiseOne - Dream Vacations

CruiseOne/Dream Vacations is a franchise company under the World Travel Holdings umbrella, We’ve been helping travel agents build their agencies for over 25 years.

All agents that join their franchise program attend an in-depth training session at their world headquarters, including ship inspections. Training and continuing education opportunities for travel agents are available through their e-learning program, regional trainings, national conference, and [email protected]

On the marketing front, the CruiseOne/Dream Vacations franchise program offers a multi-faceted marketing approach that offers agents access into online, offline, and field marketing tools. Including fully funded promotions, a loyalty perks program and a referral program which are all full funded and support by their headquarters support team.

For independent agents looking for a host agency option, visit Cruises Inc.‘s profile, the host agency division of World Travel Holdings.

Meet the Team

  • Debbi Fiorino
    Senior Vice President
  • Joelle Delva
    Vice President of Operations
  • Drew Daly
    General Manager - Network Engagement & Performance
  • Rosemarie Reed
    Vice President of Sales and Marketing