Impact Sustainability Travel and Tourism

Impact Sustainability Travel and Tourism

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720 Douglas St, Victoria BC V8W 3M7, Canada

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The tourism industry has the opportunity to impact global change and lead the world in a new age of environmental and social responsibility.

IMPACT Sustainability Travel & Tourism is presented by a partnership between Destination Greater VictoriaSynergy EnterprisesTartan Bond Integrated Communications and Starrboard Enterprises. The title “IMPACT Sustainability Travel & Tourism” was chosen to convey the importance of tourism as an economic driver as well as the large footprint it has on the environment, social and cultural fabric of a destination.



DATE: JANUARY 23-26, 2022




To drive, inspire and demonstrate innovative and collaborative sustainable solutions for positive tourism development across Canada.


Dialogue and recommendations will be captured from this annual conference of thought leaders to produce the IMPACT Conference Proceedings Paper. This paper will be distributed to all attendees to drive forward changes from one year to next. In the time between IMPACT conferences, IMPACT representatives will present the paper at other major tourism conferences throughout Canada – moving our dialogue into action.